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  1. Ok, cheers for the input so far. I would be more than happy with that image, as a newcomer my idea of decent starts far below book worthy and some of the spectacular photos I have seen. I'm not expecting miracles straight away and if I get hooked and any good then guiding will be something to look at once more pennies have gone into the bank. What about other mount options? Are there any other makes and models to consider other than the HEQ5?
  2. Thanks for the welcomes guys, seems a very friendly place
  3. Sorry, I have indeed confused myself with all these terms!! Oops. I've edited the title to suit but it seems you understood what I meant anyway . Olly - it seems like you're suggesting I will have to have a guide scope to get decent photos? This is expensive sounding news to me, I didn't think that was the case. Thanks for the book suggestion Brantuk, i'll try to check it out.
  4. I have a basic 70mm Konus refractor on an un-guided mount and am looking into guided mounts with a view in the long term to get into imaging. I'm aware this scope will not produce the best images but am thinking to start with I could also just mount my DSLR straight to the mount. Having done some research it seems the SkyWatcher mounts are the most favoured. Are there alternatives? Bearing in mind my long term intentions i'm also swayed towards the HEQ5, I'm aware for the money I could change my whole set-up but I'm not sure it's worth getting stuff I will probably want to upgrade in the future? How much difference is there between the cheaper guided mounts? Finally, how beneficial is GOTO? Obviously it takes a lot of hassle out of finding objects but is it worth the extra money? How easy is it to find things without GOTO? Sorry for the barrage of questions and thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
  5. I'm really hoping to come along to this for an evening, unfortunately a weekend of work kills any ideas of an all nighter. I'm relatively new to viewing the skies but am hoping to splash some cash on some better equipment sometime soon with the ultimate view towards imaging. As a complete newbie I'm hoping to pester enough people to find out what's hot and what's not and if I've not been too annoying hopefully see some amazing sights!! I'm just wondering, if the weather is blown out (which I'm really hoping it won't be) is it still worth the small journey, will much be going on?
  6. Hi everyone. I've been staring at the stars with my bare eyes and/or through my camera for some time now. Despite having moved closer to the city I now have darker skies at home and better access to even darker ones, plus I have the added benefit of the previous owners having left a basic Konus 70mm refractor and mount hidden in the loft! My interest has now increased to the point where I already want something better, both to help with my learning and allow me to get some good shots of the wonders of space so here I am gleening as much information as I possibly can before parting with my hard earned. If anyone on here is from the area it would be good to meet some like minded folk and have a look at and through some equipment, I'm aware of a few local groups that I may well visit. I'm also hoping to come along to at least one evening of the Kelling star party, it would be rude not to! Daniel
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