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  1. Thanks for sharing, I spent about 30 minutes oggling at the detail in this image
  2. Its a shame it is so difficult to get the required figures, although I think a pilot test showing the amount of energy/money wasted with and without the stringent lighting standards might make councils and government give the due attention in terms of £s. I guess circulating the address and raising awareness would help get to 100,000 sigs, but its getting the message out there to them. I wonder if with the help of all astro related people, retailers, astronomy societies etc. in the UK we could make it I've signed it
  3. Good find on her part, I wonder what the chances are of finding one if you go looking for one.
  4. Haha it is certainly strange. I have just seen the firestarter video I thought it was quality
  5. I just found this on Youtube, made me laugh how ridiculously strange it is! Anyway link is here:
  6. Before attaching it, I'd recommend holding it to the tube and trying to see how it works. I had this very same brainwave for my smartphone but found out the metal of the tube upset the accuracy of the app, so effectively I can only use it when its away from the tube. Might be worth checking if you haven't already
  7. I have used an EQ mounted Newtonian, but have found it to be unintuitive as I want to star hop to find my objects, it is do-able but not as easy. I'll be looking for a dob next for the ease of gliding around the sky it gives. I think it depends on your game plan, if you want to be abit more manual with finding and tracking objects (the bit I find fun!) then a dob is more suited to this kind of observations. If you wish to be able to find an object and track it accurately you will need an EQ mount with motors. Another bonus of going for a dob, the mount is inexpensive so the extra cash can be spent on accessories, or better still a bigger mirror. Good luck
  8. Hey Phil, last night was a great night and the first outing from my backyard. Count me in for weekends if I can find a way of getting there. I'll keep in the loop for meetings, Cheers
  9. The 25mm supplied isn't actually bad at all, I would keep it for now and look at getting a mid power piece instead. For around £30 you will be able to replace the 10mm with something better, but I'll leave it upto others to make suggestions! I just know the 10mm is no good as I have the same scope Oh and another thing to add: I don't think I've ever had a pleasant view above about 150x magnification as closer to the "max" magnification view is sacrificing the clarify of the image.
  10. Nice images Steve, love the colourful moon I read somewhere about being able to use cropped video mode using a lower resolution has the same effect as increasing focal length?
  11. Oh my, that's a brilliant technique. I knew darks were used in subtraction, but I assumed you'd just take a much shorter exposure which would have less noise. I will do this later on this evening as the weather forecast looks set to be good. I think I'll use DSS having had a quick look around the interface looks like it makes a difficult processing job much more intuitive. Thanks for all your help! May post some results if they are not too embarassing
  12. Thanks cath, I found the same with my images I've been keeping it at 55mm to make it as fast as possible but even so exposures are short! Nmoushon, that is a lovely image. Sounds silly but I've not yet looked into darks , I understand they are use in the image calibration process but just what are they? Thanks Ant, I think the odd stars shapes are also partly because I've been clicking for exposures manually with just 2 seconds delay not enough for my wobbly tripod I guess next step is to start putting multiple images together, I downloaded DSS awhile ago will give it ago.
  13. Thanks for the link updated ant! Those images have truely inspired me! The only problems I'll have is getting any exposure longer than even 1 sec at 900mm, which is no way suitable for this type of photography I know, but I think I may just give it a go anyway. Nmoushon, your post is extremely helpful, there really is a big difference in exposure times usable regarding distance from the NCP. I'll look forward to your post about your Canon 300mm lens. I'm very tempted to buy a faster small refractor for imaging even if I use it unguided or tracked, obviously the longer the exposures the better but surely many smaller exposures stacked and process similarly could achieve the same or close to same results?
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