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  1. Hi again everyone and thank you for your advice regarding a Roof Hatch. Since I asked the question about a Roof Hatch, I met up again a couple of days ago at the local astronomy club with a guy I had already spoken to who had already installed a roof hatch. He acknowledged that the received wisdom was that thermals would make it unworkable, but that he was very happy with his results. After all, most days in the UK will not have been sunny enough to generate much in the way of thermals from the roof tiles; and if the loft is well insulated and boarded out, and the hatch is left open for a while, then I imagine thermals from within the loft space would be minimal. So, alas, I am going to look into getting estimates for suitable glass and opaque hatches and will report back when I have something of interest. Paul
  2. I have just had the slightly mad idea of building a tree house in my garden, to observe from, in order to see over the roof of my house. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome, or indeed has anyone seen or built such a thing ?
  3. Thank you all very much for your generous welcome and for your pertinent advice. So, the roof hatch is out ! The other option I am attracted to is a dome or small shed at the foot of my garden. The attractions are: Equipment could be left set up (and secured with a lock) Shelter from the elements A work station for charts etc. However, the view is obstructed to a fair extent by my own house and neighbours' trees. I could build a raised base to increase elevation to see over my roof more. Steve, I will try to locate the article you referred to. I would appreciate advice on what to consider for my restricted view. Thanks again Paul
  4. Hi Everybody This is my first post, but I have enjoyed reading the forums for a while. I am looking into putting a hatch into my loft roof for observing and I thought I would seek advice from the forum members regarding their experiences and references to previous threads and publications. I have thought about a loft roof hatch , or even two, for the following reasons: 1. View restricted at ground level by trees 2. Cheaper and simpler to fit than a dome and does not require planning permission like a dome 3. Telescope can be left set up My house has pitched roofing at two right angles, so hatches can be fitted facing north, south, east or west. I have a 250mm Dobsonian and 90mm GoTo, so hatch would probably need to be at least 4 feet across to use the big scope. I am also trying to think of some sort of drape that would help to provide some sort of draught exclusion around the scope. Here goes for a project !
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