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  1. Cyteen - I think you and I are in parallel lives right now. My story almost exactly the same as yours.. but minus the wife (Shes already in Kenya) and kids.. Agreed: Stockport not the best viewing base.. especially if you live near Edgeley Park.. gah! Welcome!
  2. Hi, just checked back in and I want to thank you for the warm welcome. Kenya not long off now, only 16 more shirts to iron... So thanks for the messages:- Doc - I will check out those apps, many thanks. I have one already called star calc, presume its similar fayre? MorningMajor - yup photos.. I'll get on to that, as soon as I have found my astronomical feet so to speak. Watch this space ! brantuk - you mention LMC and SMC.. now I presume you are not referring to the Lancaster and Morecambe College, or the Scottish Medicines Consortium. Ok, yup a quick google tells me you are talking about the Large Magellanic Cloud.. Correct? Wow - I've read about this recently, but I understood that this was only properly visible from more southern latitudes? Any further advice on this one gratefully received. Imp - The Elephant. If there isn't one already... I'll invent it. Like Homer did with the snake. I'll let you know when I have had that officially recognized by the Astronomical High Council. :-D Oh, last thing... I noticed that in some signatures, it looks like people are completing lists of astronomical objects... is that right? Where can I get details? Cheers! A
  3. Hi to all! Well I finally decided to take the plunge and get stuck into Astronomy for the first time. So I just wanted to say hi to everyone - it is only polite as I expect to be calling upon the experts here in the near future! Part of the reason I have decided to get on the case now is because I am emigrating to Kenya in a few weeks time. It seemed like an ideal opportunity - all that dark sky Africa has to offer - to indulge in a hobby I have been threatening to take up for years. Does anyone have any idea what to expect viewing the skies from near the equator - Lat = 1 degrees, 21.1 minutes South Long = 36 degrees, 42.7 minutes East Am I right to expect to see what is normally low in the sky in both N and S hemispheres ? Does anyone have any other experience of stargazing in Africa? Cheers
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