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  1. Hey Sticks, Thats awesome mate. Its a majic moment indeed seeing Saturn with your own eyes. Really brings things into prospective. . . no pun intended! Thats a great image considering its taken with an Iphone of all things, I take it you just held it up to the view finder? And to share the moment with the missus is all the better. My dad actually went round to the neighbours first night we saw it. They came over as well just to take a look. . . lol Wait for a very clear night and try to find M42, Great Nebula of Orion. Thats pretty amazing as well, when you do finally find it. Pretty tough for me an took quite a while. On a really good night with near perfect conditions I can just about make out the Nebula from my back garden. . . Steve,
  2. Hey stick, Any luck finding Saturn, yet? I saw it again this evening through my scope. I always locate it with the Red Dot - standard 25mm WA first. Then get the x2 barlo, again with the 25mm WA. Then move onto the 10mm with x2 barlo but tbh it looks better with just the x2 barlo + 25mm WA. I always start by looking on Stellarium - Stellarium And getting a rough idea of where it 'should' be. Then just start hunting for it. Red Dot finder makes it a very quick & easy process as well. Steve,
  3. Hey Stick, Thanks for answering that question for me mate. It would appear mine is not the 130P an is actually 130/900, without parabolic. . . Which is a shame but still I wont let that take away from the enjoyment im getting from the scope. And as you said for a starter scope its absolutley fine. Something nice and cheap for me / us to cut our teeth on. Am still cruising the night skys an enjoying every moment. That and my dad bought it so hey its free as far as im concerned hehehe. . . I kinda already know what scope I want next, either: SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope or SkyWatcher Skyliner 250PX Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope Cant deside if I want an 8 inch or 10 inch. . . either way it WILL BE a Dobsonian for sure. From what I can gather, us beginners should put our money into optics more then electrics. . . Steve,
  4. If thats what its called 'Pleiades star cluster' I'll of course take your word for it my friend. . . It was second best thing I saw this evening. I could just about see it with naked eye, above my house, exactly due west - @ 20:30 BST. I thought id take a closer look at that tightly packed group of 5-6 stars, an stuff. 25mm wide angle on the VF, an 30 seconds later, I could see it was quite a few more then 5-6 stars, infact substantially more then 5-6 lol. . . I haven't looked at Canis Major at all as yet. All I can see around that area of space, with the naked eye, is Sirius. Which as you said, is pretty dame bright indeed. I'll try to find M41 / M47 & M93, an everything I can around that area on the next clear evening. Hopefully 2morrow. . . Still the best view this evening was M42, I honestly thought I would not be able to locate that after a good 1 & 1/2 hours of trying. Then later on in the evening when it got a bit darker it suddenly came into view. 25mm W/A on the VF i found was best with my set up. 10mm an you lost some of the detail. x2 barlow really didnt help that much either. I had to pan the angle of the scope left / right / left / right before I could tell that must be the Great Nebula in Orion. Very exciting stuff indeed. Btw thanks for the llinks, ill certainly take a look an give some a go over the coming weeks / months. To be continued. Steve,
  5. OMG - I just run in the house to let y'all know I can see 'The Great Nebula in Orion' - M42. Had to start by locating Alnitak - HIP 26727 A Then went straight down. . . Was looking most of the evening, better part of 2 hours. Then suddenly had that Eureka Moment. . . 20:25 BST. No colour, but I wasnt expecting any after the replys above, you can blatantly see the aura difference between the black void'ness an Nebula around: HIP 26221 A HIP 26235 E HIP 26224 C Another first, an looks great, now I know what im looking for it should be easy to find it again when the old man is around. Also found that mass of stars between Pleione HIP 17851 & Electra HIP 17499 - God should put his toys away once hes done, not leave them out all over the place. . . lol Night is very clear indeed, even from the back garden. . . Brilliant!!!
  6. Hi Scott, welcome to the site. Am new here myself, just started off a couple of weeks ago. As I dont have a basis for comparison I really cant advise if the 'Meade etx 90at' is any good. . . However, I do own the 'skywatcher 130p' an its a great scope if you are just starting out. This is my post re the skywatcher 130. . . http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/135549-new-astronomy.html Hope this is of some help. Steve, P.S - If you havent already done so, This is by far the most useful tool / program Ive found with regards to helping new poeple get started http://www.stellarium.org/ Free planetarium program - very easy to use. Has helped me out loads. . .
  7. Wow great feedback there guys, an quick as well. . . Am really pleased the scope is powerful enough to see some of the things I want to use it for. I take it, if I go 'off site' to somewhere light & thermal pollution wont be a factor is certainly the best way to go about it. Thats not a bad thing at all seen as the scope is certainly small enough to move with little effort. . . excellent news! When you say I can indeed see DSO with my scope, will I be able to make out things like colour / cloud formation / detail, or just the clusters of stars within the area of things like M42 & M31? And lastly, thank you for the warm welcome to the site. . . It's always pleaseing to have friendly advice from 'people that know'. Think I may well have found myself another hobby besides motorbikes hehehe
  8. Afternoon guys, My names Steve an ive very recently found what is by all accounts, the wonderful world of astronomy. My old man recently bought, 2 weeks ago, a Skywatcher 130/900 or the 130pm. Im unsure if the one he has actually has the parabolic mirror or not. None of the paper work tells us exactly which type he has bought. He bought it on a whim, without doing any research at all if it was a good scope or not, while walking around a local town with me old dear. Neither or us new the first thing about astronomy so its kinda been left to me to do all the reaearch. . . sadly after the purchase Anyway, it was left in the back room until the 19th March when I saw on the news it was 'a super moon' so I go tell him its a really clear evening maybe its a good time to get it in the back garden an take a look. Only having the standard 10mm / 25mm & 2x barlo eps. We set it up an take a look at the moon. . . quite amazing sight indeed, if a little bright, actually very bright. Maybe a moon filter would have been a good idea lol, hindsight is a wonderful thing. . . So after about 45min of viewing this very bright & larger then normal moon. 14% larger I believe. He tells me he wants to see some planets. We get out his I-phone which has a handy little ap that tells / shows you what is visable in the night sky at that time. We realise that Saturn is viewable just to the left an slightly below the moon, at that time. After a couple of min of looking into the void I think I can see it with the naked eye. We angle his scope towards this small dot, apprehensive if the scope we have actaually has the power to make anything out except a slightly larger dot through the viewfinder, but we try anyway. Another couple of min of focusing & angeling he starts laughing like a child then says / shouts "I can see the rings". Im dubious if this is just wishful thinking & my response is "your as blind as a mole old man, let me take a look". . . I was stunned to say the least, I could also make out the rings of saturn. . . first time I had definite confirmation I was looking at another planet within our solar system. . . I think everyone has this feeling when they first see Saturn & can make out the rings through a scope with there own eye. It really dose take you back some. Over the next couple of days I register on this site, an start the bewildering task of research. I now have Stellarium on my Pc, what a great little program that is, also bought Philip's Planisphere. Both of which have already been put to great use. Now onto the questions: I know there are a few factors that contribute to what you can & cant see - such as light pollution / thermal pollution etc. . . 1/ Is the scope I have powerful enough to view DSO such as M42 & M31? 2/ If not is there anything I can do - Eps maybe, that would help view DSO such as the above with my scope? 3/ If I was to go away from my back garden, into the country away from variables such as light pollution, is the scope powerful enough to view the above. I think what im trying to get at is if I want to view DSO like M42 & M31 would I need to invest in a new scope? Anyway, thank for reading what is by now a very long post hehehe. An thank you for any feedback in advance. . . Steve,
  9. To quickly answer your question, yes. . . I saw Saturn for the first time today also an have a skywatcher 130/900. Steve,
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