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  1. Hi everyone, although I have posted a few times I thought I'd introduce myself properly. My names steve and I live in maidenhead berkshire. Just ordered a Sw 250 dobsonian, cheshire eyepiece and moon filter, and got a copy of the practical astronomer. hopefully thats all I need for now, apart from clear skies and learning how to collimate.
  2. Jahmanson thanks again for you advice, I have just order the skywatcher 250 solid tube dob. I got the cheshire collimation eyepiece and a moon filter. cant wait for it to arrive!
  3. Sorry for yet another question. I am just about to order my scope, SW250p solid tube, but bit unclear about what i need to buy to collimate it? it the chesire kit from first light optics all I need?
  4. thanks Jahmason, think I'll leave the eyepieces and spend the £69 on a good eyepiece instead.
  5. Good day everyone I am about to buy either a SW 200 or 250 dobsonain:) There is an offer for a skywatcher eyepiece and filter kit half price at £69. is it worth getting the eyepieces?
  6. The time has come, pay day, to get my first ever telescope:) I have seen lots of telescope shops online which are based miles away from me, Maidenhead in berkshire, but non near by. As i have the day off tomorrow i was going to try and buy my scope instead of oredering it, so need a good shop near me. Does anyone know one near me? just to add I'm looking for a skywatcher 250px solid tube dobsonian thanks
  7. Right I think i have kind of decided one which one to go for! Well its between two, either a Skywatcher 250 px flex tube dobsonain or the meade lightbridge 10". I'm just not sure which is better?
  8. I've just seen the inbetween 250p, which doesnt seem that different than the 300p
  9. Thanks for everyones replies so far, made me think that for the money i might be better going for the dobsonian as I feel a better view is more important to me. the skywatcher 200p looks really good, however I also looked at the 300p. The 300- is 200 more expensive, is it worth paying the extra? my fience, who i will be stargazing with, said we might aswell pay more so we can see more. but im a bit worried the 300 would be to hard to use for a begginer? i take it by most of the replies the skywatcher range is the best vaule for money?
  10. I'm new here and looking for advice. i have been looking for a telescope but am unsure which one to buy. I would like a goto telescope firstly, and have around £250-280 budget. I liked the look of the skywatcher 70mm which i saw for 199, and the Meade DS2080 LNT 80mm 244.99. However after a long search I also found the skyhawk 1145p 249.99 and ETX 80 Bbservatory special edition 269.99. can anyone help with a few things? Firstly is there a big difference between the skyhawk and skywatcher? secondly what exactly is the differance between the to meade telescopes, and which is better? Thirdly which is the best out of the four? also if anyone could recommend any better telescopes or cheaper places to buy these i would appreciate it. thanks
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