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  1. thanks just what i was looking for, think I'll go for the bundle that has the IR filter and adaptor as well. Is this setup only for planets or can it be used for dso?
  2. Hi all I was just wondering i have read on here a few times about using a webcam setup on a dob. just wondering if there is any special webcam for telescopes etc?
  3. well i thought that as i can easily find spica and saturn i could go from there, but wasnt as easy as i thought. will try find some of the others when the skies are clear. what time is best to view m13?
  4. Tried again last night to find a dso, decided to try for m53 cluster. Unfortunately I only had time for a quick star gaze. Just as I was about to pack up I noticed a grey fuzz. I don't know what it was, is there any other dso near m53? As I was only out for a short while I set up near the house which probably didn't help as I couldn't make out much
  5. got my copy from tesco yesterday. great book for £10
  6. I brought my first telescope a few weeks ago, SW 250px, and have no problem nudging it after getting the hang of it. I also go a celestron zoom ep and find this really helps. for example saturn using a barlow and zoom ep can be found easily while zoomed out, then zoom it to get the magnification. once out of view, zoom out and saturn is there again. reposition and zoom back in. found this a very easy to use setup
  7. i think that might also be my problem as well. I try to find a star pattern but end up doing a sweep of the area with no sucess. not surprising as there is so much up there. guess i need to get the hang of star hopping. also 25mm is the lowest ep i have, would say a 32mm be a good investment?
  8. Thanks for the advice, just find somethings shown on websites and tv a bit misleading. for example sky at night featured a telescope night, and what you can see through telescope simular to mine as bright galaxies. just made me confused as i thought surely i would see them. Stellarium has been very helpful, as my skymaps in the books i have are a bit confusing. Is anyone here a member of either the maidenhead or reading astro clubs??
  9. Hi all Have had my sw 250 px a few weeks now and seen saturn, a few of the bright stars and the moon. However having problems with dso, other than not knowing my way around the sky that well, I'm not sure what I can see. I have seen picture on here, tv programs and eyepiece simulators that i should be able to see nebulars, galaxies and their colours. Is this correct? Also I have been trying to use stellarium to navigate the sky, what kind of mag will i be able to see up to? sorry if this is a bit of a loose post but just need to understand the limits and what things might look like. any help would be great
  10. brillant telescope, got one as my first telescope a few weeks ago. saturn looks great, although being new havent found the M13 yet.
  11. thanks for the advice, that article was very helpful. I will look out for the signs of bad seeing now i have some idea. cheers
  12. I have the same here, bbc predicted clear skies from 10-1 tonight but doesnt look like they got it right. sucks wanted to have another crack at saturn
  13. Hi all i have noticed a both times that I have been able to use my new dob this week the sky has seemed very light. I live i the countryside so cant see it would be light from house etc. I spoke to the guys at astronomia when buying my new celestron eyepiece and they said the atmosphere hjasnt been good and this will affect max magnification and good viewing. is this light night sky because of a bad atmosphere? if so what causes bad atmosphere and how can i tell if its going to be good or bad that night? also are any aids, i.e filters that can help? sorry for the questions but I'm new and trying to mop up any info I can.
  14. Thought id give my views on the zoom eyepiece for ad astra and others. well i first started with just the eyepiece, which gave a nice very at 24mm and continue to give a nice view all the way to 8mm, was very happy with the view quality.However on annoyance, and maybe not the eyepieces fault, but it was a bit loose in the focuser. This meant that when trying to rotate the zoom the whole eyepiece rotated instead. just worth thinking if you have a skywatcher with the same focus as my 250px. however seated in the barlow all was good. and so were the views. this is how i managed to see saturn clearly with rings. so overall i think a zoom is a good bit of equipment to have. P.s please dont take it as a review as such, as i am so new my good view might not be to other experienced people. Edit: Just thought I would add that the field of view isnt that good at 24mm, its down to 40 degrees. at 8mm its at 60 degrees which isnt bad.
  15. After my first viewing last night i decided to buy a celestron 24-8mm zoom eyepiece and a vixen 2x barlow. So armed with my new eyepiece and barlow i set out to find saturn. which not having alined the finder scope was a hard ask. But just by luck after about 20 mins of looking at what i thought was the right area there it was! then the word yes yes yes followed by zoom zoom zoom went through my head. Got a nice clear view of saturn and its rings, and a few more times through the night:) brilliant
  16. Cheers Smoggy Dont worry i was way to scared to touch the mirrors. I though it would evaporate ok, just wonder if people leave there dust caps off or some other trick.
  17. Hi all I just speant the last few hours view the sky. but when i packed away my scope there was a small film of dew on its outside. when brought inside i could see a small amount on the two mirrors. is there anything i need to do or will this just evaporate??
  18. I was thinking about getting a 32mm or 40mm as well and also a laser collimating eyepiece. but buying a sw 250px, cheshire, moon filter for £450 then another 115 on the zoom and barlow i had to stop somewhere just hope the zoom works well, which im sure it will.
  19. Hi all after my first viewing with my first telescope, skywatcher 250px, last night i decided a few things. 1. I really need to learn more about the night sky! I had fun looking at the stars but I didnt have a clue when I was or where anything was really. Also didnt help that my finderscope hadnt be set up. 2. the main thing really was I like the view through the supplied 25mm eyepiece and thought the 10mm was ok, but really wanted a better eyepiece and more zoom. So today after a 90 mile round trip I have a new eyepiece and barlow. The nice guys at astronomia gave me so useful tips and suggested a celestron zoom eyepiece 8mm-24mm and a viexen 2x barlow. so hopefully that will give me a great different range of focal length.
  20. I couldnt see and cirles in the with band, but it was nice and circular. I'm using the standard 25mm and 10mm eyepiece that came with my sw 250
  21. Ok bit more progress on collimating my new scope and a clear sky so firstly a big error my way, I didnt put the cheshire in fully yesterday so that helped a lot. having said that i agrre with AB's guide that the cheshire doesnt let me see the edge of the mirror well and i found it hard to get on with. So i used mainly my eye only, then the cheshire on the primary. I took it out for the star test which I'm unsure about. When focused the star seemed clear to see and the defocused like a polo, white band with black centre, perfectly round. is this right? Enjoyable first view, although need to find out what i'm looking at better and new eyepieces and barlow. just a question, with the supplied eyepiece what should you be able to see? saturn?
  22. well i'll try the film cap see if that helps. just weird as i can only get 2 clips in view but then others are miles off then, guess ill play around some more and hope the sky clears up for later.
  23. I was using astro babys guide which was brilliant as de instructions weren't great, just confused as everything seemed good apart from the clips. Can't wait to try it on the stars, fingers crossed for clear skies
  24. Sorry for another collimating post but I'm a bit confused. Scope arrived today:) I didn't get home from work till late so by the time I set it up it was dark. I have tried collimating it indoors. Is that ok instead of in daylight? And then when I thought I'd done it clouds filled the sky. The only issue I had was getting the clips in the secondary mirror. By the time ones visible the others ate miles out of view. Everything else seems to be ok though. Confused and can't do the star test, so what's going wrong if anything. Just to add I'm using a Cheshire on a sw250px
  25. Thanks for the welcomes. Scope arrived today:)
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