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  1. Following on from a previous thread, I believe I need an external power source for my Celestron 6se. Now I have brought a jump start power pack from maplin http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=383992 Now I need a lead to connect it to the telescope. Has anyone used one of these before or can advise if it is suitable? http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=228639 Now I know most of you will tell me to order a celestron one, however I need to try the telescope ASAP to determine if it is faulty to stand a chance of getting my money back. So if anyone can suggest a lead or shop that sells them off the shelf that would be brilliant.
  2. It's one like this which a few people have recommended http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=383992
  3. Brought a maplin 3-1 12v power pack and this lead http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=115314 does this one look suitable? It's 3a and give out 12v.
  4. Well I was going to buy the Maplin power pack, what lead do I need to ask for? Would this one work http://mobile.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=37423 Also as above would somewhere like maplin do a universal cable for the PC connection?
  5. Thanks for the replies. As for location I went into international, then England, then London. Then I set the date, at first I entered it wrong but realised it was in US format. Lastly set the time. Now the batteries were in the scope when I brought it and I tried for a few hours to get it to work, so it's possible they are drained. But would this cause the erratic behaviour? Just puzzled as it almost got it a few times then went completely of, as I said sometimes to the point the telescope moved almost upside down? Also noticed I wasn't given the lead for the pc. Where is the best place to buy one from? Are there any shops which might have them or are the specialist?
  6. Firstly sorry if this is the wrong section...... I final brought a 6se today, which I found secondhand but unused. guy had it in his loft for last 18 months as it was a gift he didn't know how to use. anyway I took it out tonight after setting the location to London (nearest location to Maidenhead, about 20 miles away) set the date and time and tried to align it. Firstly I tried the 3 star auto align, after three attempts it accepted it. clicked Saturn from the list and it went to the opposite direction. So tried to align it to Saturn, worked OK first time. Moved away a bit then clicked Saturn. went kind of close, thought I would slew the telescope away and then retry. This time it went to another random part of the sky. this continued each time I tried to align the telescope, tracking to random places. In a few instances the telescope went so far up it start to go upside down?? Also is it normally for the slewing to go slow sometimes, as now and again the direction buttons would make the scope move very very little. Now things I'm thinking are, either power supply as it is on batteries (not sure how good). or the software needs updating, although he didn't have the discs, can this be downloaded somewhere? lastly maybe the telescope is incorrectly set up or balanced. Just seems to have a mind of its own. or is there something wrong/broken and I should ask for my money back?? sorry for the long post and any help would be really appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys. Just to throw it in the mix, would a skywatcher 127 be a comparitable telescope? Also I have a dslr which I would mind try to use to image very basically. Would the 6se be ok for this?
  8. I more wanted to use the sale section to look for a new telescope as my current one is on eBay.
  9. Hi all Been a while since I have been on here, but am looking for a bit of advice. I currently have a sky watcher 250 do, however it is getting used less and less due to its size. Therefore i am selling it and looking to get something more portable. I have been looking at the celestron 6se and skyprodigy 6? Does anyone have experience of both that could suggest the best one. Or possiably a simular alternative. Also I remember there being a for sale section, but can't see it now
  10. I also wondered what I could see just after I got my scope. Saw so many pictures of colourful nebular, bright galaxies and also on eyepiece simulators but found them misleading to the real thing. Luckly I still liked finding grey fuzzies. However could see how people can be disappointed.
  11. Hunt is the right word! what telescope you getting?
  12. thanks egeller624. clouds are here too, shame as i really wanted to find it again to make sure i could. i used P universe on ipod touch found it much easier than my star maps.
  13. well might have to drag myself out of bed early in june then. sounds like mercury is a rare sight then.
  14. Hi all when will the above be in the sky at a decent time 10pm-1am ish? mainly jupiter as its the plant I would most like to see
  15. everytime I go out the first thing i do is look at saturn, amazes me everytime I see it. even when searching for a DSO I find myself having a quick look at saturn every now and again. just weird to think i have seen it so many times bfore as what i thought was a star and not had a clue. still amazes other people when i just point at satun and tell them its not a star.
  16. Saw my first DSO the other night, also m13, and agree the feeling of finding a DSO is great. Bet you cant wait to veiw through your telescope. might have to buy some bins as they sound helpful
  17. After several nights of frustration trying to find my first DSO I finally found M13:D Brillant! has made all the money and time worth while. Still think I coud get a better view as it was around 10pm and not the darkest night. However found though a 8mm eyepiece was the best view, could pick out loads of different stars. are there any simular or bright global clusters which anyone would recommend?
  18. well it was only a thought for maybe some basic imaging really. i dont mind nudging my dob for viewing just thought that if it was a 100-200 might be worth it. might look at making one, the platform isnt a problem. just the electronics i will need?
  19. personally i find nudging my dob easy after spending a night getting used to it. now its made even easier as i brought a zoom eyepiece which i found was very useful for finding things at low power then zooming in. also when viewing saturn i find zooming in to get high mag then once out of view zoom out and its back in the eyepiece, move the dob a bit then zoom in. I would say get an idea of your max practical size, for example most people will find anything over a 250 to big to use. Then if you can afford tracking at this size great. But dont down size from tracking because i think you will regret not seeing things as well more than nudging a dob.
  20. Thanks reddoss, at first i thought this looked perfect. however to be honest i was a little shocked at the price £445! its only 650 odd for the telscope with auto built in. shame as its good idea
  21. Hi everyone does anybody have any trolleys or simular to wheel there big dobs around. I live on a 100 acre farm which has trees in several p[laces, so from one place you can see some of the sky and the next field the other parts. but really dont want to carry it around.
  22. sorry if this has been asked already, but is it possible to add tracking to a solid tube SW250 px dob. If so where can you get it from?
  23. 1 of 5 I am also had trouble finding any dso, started with galaxies but no luck so thought some clusters would be a better start but still no luck. my have to try the setting circle if this can be used on a dob. I also have that problem Davidvalentine especially when I try to use my sky map and turn my touch on. By the time my eyes have focused again I loose where I was.
  24. I got my telescope a month ago and had the same problem. I'm the end I went for a bigger telescope. Must say I'm mostly glad I did, for example saturn through my 10" is amazing. I would say spend the money on the telescope not goto and have fun exploring the sky.
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