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  1. Just an update.... I did it! At the weekend I took a 2 1/2 hour trip to pick up a C8 xlt. The C8 had a revelation Crayford focuser, dew shield and camera mount. I feel I got it for a bargain at £310 + £40 petrol. I have since sold my C6 ota for £280 and focuser £70. Although I had to buy a visual back and diagonal (£38 together), so all in all The upgrade to a C8 + few shield cost £38!!!!! Just need clear skies now!
  2. Unfortunately I had to sell the focuser as it fouled the Se mount badly. Any suggestions on a different type of focuser upgrade?
  3. Do you use it as it is, or do you still put an diagonal in?
  4. As the title says I brought a C8 to replace my 6Se tube. Now the C8 has a 2/1.15" revelation focuser attached. I was wondering if anyone had used this or simular focuser on the se mount or should I swap to the 90' standard one? Also what's the main advantage of such a focuser?
  5. I had a 250 dob excellent telescope, but very big and unpractical. Might be worth trying to view the 200p first.
  6. I have a 3-1 maplin pack and has been fine on my 6se. Although I don't image with it I'm sure almost 6 hours of battery life would be fine
  7. I use the maplin 3-1 on my celestron 6se and it fine, only £39!
  8. Well from my experiences the telescope will fail most, if not all, the time if on batteries or more importantly location. Now I'm going on complete memory, but you select the menu- telescope setup- time and location. If you do get really stuck let me know and I'll get the telescope out and go through it. Without the correct location you have got much chance. In regards to the time, yes everytime you turn it on it reverts to the last time you input. This is really stupid and annoying. Lastly, I prefer to use the manual two star align. Then select two stars not to close to each other, vega, spica. Works much better
  9. I sold my Dob not after two uses but only after a year and it looked as new. As mentioned above, I found it such a pain to take in and out that it limited my usage. Now I have a 6se and find it much easier to take out and use. Another thing I agree with is what people think they will see. First night I got my old 10" Dob I found Saturn, through a 8mm eyepiece. My father-in-law looked at it and said "is that it?" I was shocked!
  10. Well there is obviously Saturn. I also love viewing M13, plus it's high in the sky so always good in the light polluted summer sky
  11. I had a 250 as a first telescope, excellent piece of kit. Although I haven't picked up a 200, they are both the same length so can be a huge difference in weight. I would say go for the 250 if you want a Dob and aren't worried about a big telescope. However if you are maybe consider a different type of telescope. I now have a 6se and would say it gives a much crisper view than the Dob and can carry it with ease.
  12. Impactcrater, it is a small world. I decided to buy the power pack and had been brilliant since. Although it will strangely only run on Duracell batteries, others don't seem to fit??? Franco, my power pack solved the problem. However next on the list was to return to factor default and update the software.
  13. First of all sorry if this is the wrong section, I was having a conversation a few nights back while showing my friend my new telescope. He asked if you could see satelites or the ISS to which I said no. however after searching I have found you can see the ISS. now my question is, can I use the 6se to view the ISS? Everything I have read has been people using EQ mounts (manual I believe), so would imagine it is very hard to use the handcontroller to find it. I do have a jessop 1100 102 as well but again not sure where to point it as the mount is very poor in terms of markings. any help welcome
  14. thank you for the imput guys. looking at the images I will certainly look out for a 8" OTA. but until then I am very happy with the 6, I was really worried that going from a 10" dob to a 6" I would not see as much. However I would say the 6 gives a much clearer view, especially of saturn
  15. Saw M13 last night around 23:00 although wasn't really clear. I'm in a fairly remote countryside location and still bad lp. Must say I don't think I would have found it with my old 10" dob as it was so faint, lucky the goto points you at it
  16. Hi Breezy I believe you are talking about the 250 px I was selling, based in berkshire? If so it has sold now Ally, I really didnt realise they were worth more than that secondhand. It was like brand new, the optics were perfect. must have had 30 plus calls for it and several emails after I sold it.
  17. Thanks for all the help guys. Where would be the best place to by a 8" OTA? I have tried looking for one secondhand but it seems they never come up.
  18. I really get on with my celestron 8-24 ep, especially when I was using a manual dob as a first telescope. Made it really easy to find an object then zoom to a higher magnification without changing ep and losing the object. that said, now I have a tracking telescope I may well invest in more fixed ones as the field of view is pretty small at high magnification.
  19. Not sure if most will agree, but until recently I had the same telescope which was also my first telescope. I brought a 2x barlow and a celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece. this allowed me to change the focal length of the eyepiece quickly while getting used to the telescope and finind objects. And while I havent used top of the range eyepiece, I would say it gave good views, much better than the supplied eyepieces
  20. John thank you for linking that reveiw, was exactly what I was looking for! Think i shall keep my 6 se for now, as it appear to have a better mount and features. Might well go down the route of trying to find just a 8" OTA, therefore allowing me to interchange the two.
  21. thanks for the reply. This is my main problem with the change, the tripod on the 8 is different with rectangle legs which looks a lot less stable than the tripod on my SE model.
  22. Hi all I recently brought a celestron 6 se to replace my 10" dob and have to say I am happy with the celestron as a whole. However I have now seen a celestron nexstar 8 and was considering swapping it for my 6 se. Now firstly I know there was a fair bit of difference between the brightness of objects between my ol 10" and the 6 se, will there be a big difference between the 6 and the 8? also the 8 is the older (silver) version. Is there much difference, such as lense coatings, or is it just the tripod. I am a bit worried about swapping to the older style if it is not as good as the SE. as always any help or views are welcome
  23. Tried this setup last night. Seemed to work well, veiwed for 2 hours and the pack still showed almost fully charged. Although must agree it did work out at £60 which I'm sure a power tank could be brought for.
  24. So spent half the day in maplin finding the correct jump start and lead (not ideal but powered it fine). Then as it was clear tonight tried again. What a difference! Although my first and second two star alignments fail, I realised it was because the were close together. So for ease I used saturn. The telescope seemed to track to the location of the object although slightly out. So tried the two star again with the stars further apart. Success. Then I selected Saturn., which was just off but I mean just. Tried again, off by the same amount. Then choose m03, bang in the eyepiece it was! Through out the whole 2 hours it did not go to random place, go upside down etc. just seemed to function as it should. So thanks to everyone for their help, really happy it works. Just can not understand why celestron put the battery tray there if it does not work.
  25. The jump starter has a 12v output and from reading here and other reveiws people have used them ok. As for the lead, I don't want it to boost or change the output, just can find one like the link. It's reads on the lead that the input is 12v in and 12v 3a out. Would this setup not work?
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