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  1. I found my celestron zoom good as a beginner on my old dob, as I could find things at 24mm then zoom in. If I changed fixed eyepieces I would risk losing the object. However now I have tried a few fixed eyepieces I see the downsize. The 8 and 15 mm bst eyepieces may cost the same as my zoom, but gave noticeably better views.
  2. My experience is only of a solid tube dob, but I would say a flexitube only advantage is it's size when collapsed. If size isn't an issue I would save the money for eyepieces.
  3. I may well have to invest in a filter. Although would have to be a skywatcher filters, as I have purchased 3 eps and a spc 900 in the last few day so the wallets a bit slim
  4. Might try the milk caps as the ep I just purchased don't have them, damn eBay. Also are the tv plossl one diffent then, as it is missing the top cap.
  5. Would you say it's a worthwhile investment and which one do you have
  6. I have used the 8mm bst and thought I gave good views, especially for the money. I have 8mm televue plossl (read good reviews) coming today so will try and compare the two. The tv I got second hand, but think they are about 70 ish new
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread a bit. But does the size of the telescope matter. I has a 8se and dark skies, would a uhc still be the best. As I have read they are better for smaller scopes.
  8. I have the slightly cheaper maplins jump pack. It does power my 8se. However it seems to lack sometimes as it will cause my scope to 'jump' a bit after a while. My friend has the skywatcher powertank and it works well. Main problem we have both had is the lead. The one supplied by flo was awful so we both use a maplin lead which just does the job.
  9. I have used the 8mm bst. Much better than the standards but found it a bit lacking compared to the 15mm version. Have just purchased a tv 8mm plossl so will let you know how that compares.
  10. It is a vert slippery slope. I had a 250 Don as a first scope. Then crazily thought I'd downsize to a 6se , the upgraded to a 8se. Now looking at a 16 inch dob. Also I have used the 12mm bst and it performed well
  11. Thanks for all the input, I decided against the x-cel and just purchased a tv 8mm plossl for £40 (Inc p&p). So I now have the celestron zoom, Meade 26mm, celestron Halloween 12.5mm and tv 8mm. Hopefully that should work for now. I will report back when the arrive
  12. As said there is a sub menu 'tracking' in which the tracking mode can be turned off. Also you can alter the tracking rate so if it is switched on, the rate may be set too slow.
  13. Oh great, maybe I should have dine a bit of research before I bid on them.
  14. Well I have seen a x-cel lx, a televue plossl and a few others so will have to have a think. In the mean while I got a meade 4000 26mm and a celestron 12.5 Halloween plossl as they went cheap on eBay. Any idea what the Halloween edition is and if it is any good?
  15. At the moment I'm only left with a celestron 8-24 zoom ep and a vixen 2x Barlow. To make it worse the vixen ruins the views through any ep including my friends bst.
  16. Good deal there, I was looking on eBay so you must have been quick. I take it the revelation ep aren't that good? I was considering them as I did have a revelation focuser which was good quality
  17. Ah my mistake. So it should be relatively freindly to most eyepieces?
  18. Thanks for the input, think I will give the x-cel a miss. Will have a look for a good secondhand eyepiece and get a 15mm bst. Also my telescope is a c8 f/10, so from what I understand some eyepieces won't work so well with a fast telescope
  19. I learned the hard way with canned air. Luckily I stopped then it made the first mark. Think I will get on of those dust blowers
  20. I think this is what the shop was getting at, plus I took it out Saturday night and the views were good. On another note can anyone suggest the best thing to remove dust, as I used canned air and it left some residue
  21. I am looking at getting a few better eyepieces. Now I have seen a celestron x-cel secondhand and was wondering of there is much difference between them and the newer x-cel lx eyepieces? Also my friend got some bst eyepieces which I think are good quality. However his 8mm takes some getting used to as you need to have your eye off the eyepiece a little. Are the celestrons worth the extra
  22. I'm just really worried I will just make matters worse. I have asked a local shop who have asked for pictures to assess if it needs cleaning, so will see what they say. Is it really that simple to clean then?
  23. Hi all As title I want to get my sct cleaned as there is a bit of light moisture residue and a finger mark on the front lense. Anyone know a shop the offers a cleaning service in the west London/ Berkshire area?
  24. Well that put my mind at ease Think I may try a cooling fan mod, or just prepare a bit earlier. Thanks for all you help
  25. Just to set my mind at rest is there anything that could be wrong with the telescope or eyepiece that would cause this?
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