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  1. Thinking of getting a cg5 for my 8" stc, would the mount be ok for visual and possibly imaging?
  2. The tv plossl really did surprise me. For my 8" act it is perfect for planetary work. Unfortunately although it's clear tonight I haven't got time to try the delos. Still shocked by the size, just looking at the lense it's massive, can see where the wide fov comes from. Red the case was from Maplin, £24.99 really happy with it.
  3. Thanks John very helpful. So I'm guessing the 19mm is not really worth getting, as I have the 17.3 delos
  4. As some of you may have seen I have been upgrading and adding to my eyepieces. During this process I have purchased two tv eyepieces, a 8mm plossl and 17.3 delos. I have seen others for sale, such as a 19mm panoptic. However there seems to be a fair few different tv models I am a bit confused of the differences. Are different models suitable for different types of viewing, DSO, planetary etc. Or is it just a case of better optics. Can anyone briefly explain the models?
  5. It's arrived and wow it's big! I thought the 20mm uwa, which is a simular size to the bst, was big. But as you can see it makes them look tiny, every more so my tv 8mm plossl. [/url [url=http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/Peanuthrad87/media/IMAG0073_zpsleuyyjxl.jpg.html]
  6. Thanks for the help, it was the aperture for DSO that was tempting me. However I love the goto and tracking of my celestron so decided to stick for the moment.
  7. That's brilliant news! Glad the daylight trick worked, certainly did for me. The 8se is a great telescope and will show you and your wife plenty. Now you just need to try to align it, again patience is your friend, I still find it hard to get it 100%.
  8. The tv plossl really is good, very happy with it. I was a bit worried about getting a 8mm after the bst struggled The 26 did shock me as well and for £14! Can't wait to get the delos to compare against. Although now I'm not sure if it's worth keeping the 20mm eyepiece now
  9. It was good having a range of different eyepieces to compare. I was just going to buy a range of bst eyepieces but didn't want to feel like I was missing out. After using the tv plossl I'm glad, the quality was outstanding. Unfortunately it gave me the tv bug and I have just got a brand new 17.3mm delos at a bargain price. Looking forward to the delos arriving, hopefully it will ease the pain in my wallet!
  10. Right I have a celestron 8se but am missing the large appature of a dob. Have seen an Orion xt 12I but wondered if it would be as good optically as the 8se and if the goto is as good. Any experience of the Orion? Or comments on if to stick or swap .
  11. Over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my eyepieces from the celestron zoom I have. Managed to get the four eyepieces and Barlow on eBay and then the case from Maplin. Looks a bit bare but happy so far. Didn't cut a space for my zoom as I decided to sell it. I managed to try the eyepieces briefly on Jupiter and the moon, here is my limited thoughts. 26mm Meade 4000- got it for £14 so wasn't expecting much. However I was suprised how clear and bright the views are. Performed better than the 25mm celestron excel I owned. 20mm uwa- first impression of just picking up the eyepiece was how weighty and well built it felt. Performed much the same as the bst eyepieces I have used, pluses been the wide fov and comfort of my eye position. However I did notice what seemed like glare reflecting inside the eyepiece from time to time. 12.5 celestron Halloween plossl- to be honest I only got this as it was £12 and looked cool. However I was shocked by how well is performed. It allowed through a lot more light than I was expecting and really did give a clear , detailed image of Jupiter and is more suited to this Dr to the narrow fov. Only thing I would mention is that some people might not get on with the design as it has no eyecup. 8mm tv plossl- I was very excited when putting this in as I have heard good things about tv plossls. And now I know why. Although I was shocked how narrow the fov was, just fitting Jupiter in the eyepiece, the crisp bright view was amazing. I have previously used a 8mm bst and 8mm on my zoom and found it hard to get a good image at this focal length, so really happy that the tv performed so well. Views of the moon were much the same, amazing. The eye relief is short meaning seeing the whole fov was practically impossible, however as this is more suited to up close planetary work it didn't matter. Another thing to note was the build quality. For example threading in a filter was so much easier and smoother than in others. Hope my thoughts kind of make sense
  12. I have been thinking of upgrading my diagonal on me 8se for the standard celestron to a dielectric diagonal. Firstly is this considered a worthwhile upgrade, will it make a noticeably difference when viewing? Also my two options are ; 1- the Williams optics carbon fibre 1.25" diagonal. This would be a straight swap but have seen mixed reviews. 2- the Opticron 2" from flo. I assume I will need a different visual back or adaptor, but not sure which one? Also I imagine this diagonal will be bigger than the standard, so I'm worried it might foul on the mount. Any ideas and advice welcome
  13. Unfortunately even the red dot will not be aligned to the telescope out if the box. Therefore what you pointed at last night is likely not to be in your telescope. Again this is best do during the day or just as the light is fading. So honestly you are best finding a distant object and then try to adjust the focus. Once the object is in focus, centre it and then look through the red dot finder. You will most likely see it's way off. There are to knobs on the finder, adjust these until the dot is on the object. The below is taken from the celestron help section online Why should I first use my scope in daylight? If you are unable to see anything clearly through your telescope at night, try using the scope in daylight first. It is much easier to familiarize yourself with focusing, aiming the telescope and aligning
  14. During the day will be fine, just dont point it near the sun! Not sure of the space available but maybe try your house or a lamppost. You are much more likely to recognise even something fuzzy in daylight.
  15. This was exactly what happened with mine. You could try to focus on a distant object in the daylight, turn the focuser until the object is clear. Then when you use it next it should only need a small adjustment. Again I stress using it on batteries made mine go crazy, wouldn't find anything. This is because as the scope moves the power drops so much it doesn't have enough power to remember where it was slewing to so just carries on.
  16. How do the stars appear when you are aligning the scope? They should be a bright pinpoint if light, if not you might be well out of focus.
  17. I think if you looked through a telescope of a decent size and were disappointed, then as harsh as it sounds don't take it up as a hobby. By this I mean, so people will look through a telescope and be in awe of seeing Jupiter with your own eye. However others won't see the fuss, my father-in-law is a great example. I was once observing Saturn with my old 10" dob. Father-in-law had a look and his words were "is that it"
  18. Don't use the skyalign as it often doesn't work. Pick two star align and use two stars a far distance apart. Also how are you powering the scope, as it will do all sorts of crazy things if run on batteries.
  19. I saw plenty of DSO with my old 6se and the supplied 25mm eyepiece is pretty good for larger DSO. I have used the bst eyepieces in my 8se they were better than my celestron zoom, very good for their price.
  20. Very interesting website, had a brief read and has helped me understand the process more. Now just need clear skies
  21. thanks guys, just trying to downloaded the stuff you suggested (some are being a nightmare) then I just need the clouds to go away. on another note, having played with the webcam on 'normal' mode, it seems a bit blurry/grainy. how good should the image be, as I can see it making great images of Jupiter if its not great at just showing my face.
  22. I believe they are the same thing, just the explorer is the newer name
  23. Thanks for the advice I will download Sharpcap later. Luckily my laptop found the correct driver and downloaded it. Also I have read a bit about webcam imaging, however does anyone have links to good websites or books?
  24. I have just purchased a Philips 880 webcam, which I have been told had Been flashed to scp900 spec. Now I am using it on my 8se, I have a nose piece with a ir filter built in and will download registax. Is there any thing else I need? Also regards the flash update is this something that is done to the camera or something I need to download on my laptop? Any other tips would be great
  25. Thanks that was just the advice I was looking for. Guess I am like you so will likely get both eventually. Skywatcher gear has always served me well in the past.
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