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  1. Can you not attach a t-ring directly to the diagonal in place of the eyepiece holder? It's what I do with the Lunt 60 and my DSLR.
  2. I'm a regular, or should that be irregular, at the BSIA meetings at the Regent's Park. They're a very friendly bunch with a pretty good spread across age groups and gender. The exact number of women at the event varies but I'd say it's usually 30% or more. One of my friends from the group also lives down Fulham way, so I dare say that you would have company on the way back too.
  3. Lovely shot. I've been cutting my DSO teeth with my new canon and my 150P on the same target. What coma corrector are you using with your 150P?
  4. Sorry about the continuing downtime of the site. We should have an alternative site up this week. I'll pop in here and let you know when it's up and running.
  5. Yes, it uses your computer's time and the co-ords you've entered into EQMod. And don't worry if you need to polar-align again down the line. EQMod can help you with that too. http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/docs/PolarScopeAlignment.pdf
  6. Hi James, The answer to that would be yes. Open up the full EQMod panel by clicking the button with a spanner and three ">" symbols and then click the notepad icon in the "Alignment/Sync" section, you can then load and save up to 10 alignment presets. You can also change the default "Empty_0" text to something of your own choosing ... in your case, which mount the preset is for. This is assuming, of course, that the mounts are being set up in exactly the same position/not being moved. Damien
  7. Definitely not monster motorhomes! Not that you'd get them through the access roads to the campsite.
  8. I can put you on it Gareth. I'm one of the organisers. Thanks for posting this Reddos, I hadn't got round to doing it yet Damien
  9. Trust me the tv footage doesn't do it justice. That thing is a monster! Fantastic views through it too.
  10. Have you checked that the polarscope reticle is aligned correctly? Easy to check by spinning the RA axis through a full revolution and seeing if Polaris does stay on the circle.
  11. Were your test shots in the same region of sky? After an EQMod polar align I can image M81 for several minutes unguided but as I view further south this decreases as the alignment error is magnified. Being able to knock the mount out of alignment by changing an eyepiece sounds ... odd. Are you sure that the polarscope was showing misalignment? As I understand it the sync alignment points are for correcting the GOTO model and will not increase the accuracy of your polar align. That requires tools like AlignMaster or EQAlign. Damien
  12. JamesF, you should have seen them when the drizzle started! Reddos is being kind regarding Sunday night ... it wasn't just cloudy, it bucketed down all night. Still better than the forecast we were looking at last Tuesday that had thunderstorms for most of the 3 nights! +1 for Pete Lawrence. He's a really nice, genuine guy.
  13. Well it certainly was a better night on Monday. Hope you managed to get those subs you were after. Hi Emad, sorry I missed you at the event. I was looking forward to meeting all the SGL people that came. It's a shame that you left on Sunday though, We had some great solar observing on Monday afternoon, as well as the best night of the three! We'd also be interested in hearing any feedback you have to give on the event. If something isn't right, we'd like to fix it. Hi Daiwelly, I based my directions on the distances/times given in Google Maps. Both Pencelli and Abergavenny are listed as being 19 minutes away from the campsite at Cwmdu, whereas Brecon comes up as being 23 minutes away. Useful to get a local viewpoint though! I did make an error in that post though. The grocery store I was thinking of wasn't at Tretower, but at Crickhowell which is only 10 minutes from the campsite. Damien
  14. Hi Carole, The nearest big supermarket is Abergavenny although there is a small supermarket/grocery store in Tretower. The campsite shop covers basic supplies and snacks In addition to the usual amenities (shower/toilet etc) the campsite also has free wifi throughout. Damien
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