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  1. pleiades you are an expert! Very interesting. So much better than others who claim to be expert, but give ill advice.
  2. 60mm celestron refractor- I used to have one of them
  3. Dobson


    Hello and welcome to SGL
  4. I would just go ahead and make it if I were you. Post a pic in the DIY section when it's done and tell everyone what you did, how great it is etc and let everyone reply with compliments on your outstanding contribution.
  5. I would go back to 20th April 1889 to the Gasthof zum Pommer, an inn in Austria. I would then try to explain to Alois Hitler that his forth child would grow up to be the most evil dictator in human history, failing that I would go back in time even further and attempt to convince Klara Polzi to abort the birth.. if that achieved nothing, then I might contemplate going back in time and taking either of their lives before the conception..
  6. Skywatcher Explorer 150PL Telescope | eBay UK
  7. Dobson

    Hello everyone

    Hi welcome to sgl
  8. Hello Claire welcome to SGL. i like your photo album you are very pretty
  9. I wish I could keep mine in there too. Harry Potter gets in the way though
  10. I think that Betelgeuse Supernova is a popular choice & I hope that we all get to witness this great event in our lifetime. Maybe next year?!!
  11. ...after which I would do a few donuts in the lunar rover at Tranquillity Base
  12. Which objects would you most like to see in the night sky through a scope before you die? It could be some you haven't already found or the elusive one that you know is hard to see without a bigger scope? (...probably should be Light Bucket List)
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