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    My first time....shame it's not dark yet!

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  3. I too am all alone in the garden although I'm open to the idea of meeting like minded people once in a while. I can't be the only member here who can swear blind they heard slewing in the distance...
  4. My CG5-GT is rock solid and with both weights on I can lift it fairly comfortably into the boot of my car. It is a little noisy slewing but silent when tracking. I Purchased it on clearance at FLO so can't fault it for the price but I don't have any experience of the Skywatcher mounts to compare it against. The scope wobbling on the dovetail has always been the weak point for me.
  5. Out of interest did it come with the original finder? I have one of these scopes but the finder doesn't line up with the scope. I read elsewhere on the site it is a manufacturing fault due to the finder shoe sitting on the edge of the tube but can be fixed by grinding down the shoe? Hmmm, not sure I'm brave enough to do that yet, I may just slap a telrad on there instead.
  6. Thank goodness this story had a happy ending. For one ominous moment I though you were going to say 'I took a peak outside and my telescope was pointing at someones window. eeeekk!!
  7. I saw it too! and I made a wish (to just part with my cash and buy that scope!) Glad to hear I wasn't alone, my wife said I imagined it. Cheek!
  8. Thanks for the advice Ben, I've decided to go down the dobsonian route and I'll probably stretch to a 12" (I know I'll regret it a few months down the line if I buy the 10"). If the nippers maintain their interest and struggle with the Dob I will as you suggest, get them something smaller to play with. They can then fight between themselves and leave me in peace. har har!
  9. I suspect you have a head start up there in the Highlands with the dark skies. It is a sea of yellow here in the Midlands:(
  10. That is a work of art! I wouldn't know where to start with something like that. Would love to see the results.
  11. Personally I found using the slow motion controls on 4.5" reflector annoying to use. I can't imagine what it must be like nudging a dob particularly at higher magnifications. I would stretch to the auto option but as always it is down to budget.
  12. Welcome, I know how you feel. Anyone else here live in or around Wolverhampton? When the racecourse has it's lights switched on it's like broad daylight for a 10 mile radius. Grrrr
  13. Hi all I have just scrapped my ageing Konus 4.5" reflector due to a damaged rack on the focuser and the mirror being past it's best. I am looking to upgrade to something bigger and better but would like advice from fellow amateurs about the best choice of telescope to share the experience with my off-spring. They are currently aged 3 and 7 and are usually rapped around my neck while I'm trying to look into the eyepiece. For this reason I originally thought along the lines of getting a Skywatcher Skymax on an EQ5 mount. Due to their small size I thought the little monkeys would find it easier to look down into the eyepiece. On the other hand I can't ignore the 10" dob on offer at FLO's. It's great value but I'm concerned that it won't be stable enough for my little ones to view planetary bodies without knocking the telescope off it's tracking. So does anyone here have youngsters using a dobsonian? Or does a Maksutov on a mount sound like the better option?
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