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  1. Fantastic! I shall give it a try next time it transits the sun
  2. SourceForge.net: Stellarium: Topics for Feedback
  3. it is not officially supported, it nevertheless works with 7/64bit. by the way, you are missing the last bit of your log.txt file... in particular the part about OpenGL (which most of us, think IS your problem) you should read something like this OpenGL supported version: "2.1.2" Qt GL paint engine is: "OpenGL2" I still think you would be more lucky asking your question and sending your log file to the Stellarium developpers
  4. What don't you directly ask your question to the Stellarium developpers? http://sourceforge.net/projects/stellarium/forums/forum/278769
  5. way to go! on another note, that might just be a problem with your Graphic chipset... can it deal with OpenGL? if not try running it with "no OpenGL2"... it will be slow, but it should open!
  6. Celinibellini


  7. I have never received my wedding invitation, so I thought I'd make the best of those 10 days holiday, direction Stargazer Heaven! (Stargazers Heaven would be in a very remote area in South West France...) Scanning the West horizon with my binos, I quickly ended up on M44... and fell in love instantly The following night I was out again, but this time equiped with my Nikon D7000 and Sigma 400! Here is my first try at imaging a "DSO" (32 frames @ISO6400, f/5.6, 1"/1.6, plus 5 dark, aligned and stacked in DSS)
  8. this was exactly my plan! glad to see someone tried with a good result (why did you shade only one lens?)
  9. I will try to make it in May as well Maybe see you there then!
  10. Hi Daz and welcome, I am from N London too (N7)... I am very new to this and does not even own a scope... just my eyes, some bins and a camera! As brantuk mentionned earlier, BSIA meet last Wednesday each month in Regents Park; haven't met them yet and am out of the country for the next meeting (this Wednesday) More infos on their website BSIA News They also have a Facebook page; you can join and they will you Event reminders
  11. as expected my pictures were slightly out of focus and DSS doesn't detect any stars (even when set at 2% ° Oh well, I will certainly do better next time!
  12. OK, I had my second look at it tonight, and this was indeed M44! This is just beautiful!!! I also took pictures with my 400mm... not sure they were focused though I will try to stack them and post them somewhere
  13. Thanks for all those links! I found out The Year-Round Messier Marathon Field Guide - Free eBooks Download is free to download. A printed version of the Finder Charts (from page 74) would make a nice log chart to carry around
  14. I did not know this show, so it was a very pleasant discovery for me! this episode is hilarious
  15. If you have half an hour to spare, I recommend listening to BBC iPlayer - Down the Line: Series 4: Episode 6 (available few more days on IPlayer) Gary Bellamy taking the monkey out of Pr Brian Cox
  16. I watched the ISS as well yesterday, with my modest binos 10x50.. I could clearly see a yellowish rectangular shape
  17. I just checked, this was my first sight of M44 I will stay few more days at my mum and will go to an even more remote location at the end of the week... If I am lucky I may see more Messiers!
  18. I bought a pair of Bresser 10x50 out of Ebay few weeks ago and did not really have the chance to look up and make interesting finds in my London sky... but I arrived at my mum's yesterday and I fell in love again with the sky! Here (some remote village in France) the nights are so much darker; you look up and you already see thousands of stars!!! We started the evening with the observation of the ISS at dusk; my mum was so excited!!! Couple of hours later, I took the binos and look up at random.... OMG so many starts there!!!! I definitely found a very nice cluster, visible but not "resolvable" with the naked eye. Gonna try to find out what it was. It was plain West at 23.00GMT, probably 45° from the horizon... any ideas? (and now I am seriously thinking of relocating under darker skies )
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