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  1. I actually opted to invest (in the near future) in decent Binos instead of the 30mm. After using an app for AFOV vs DSO's, I decided I would probably get better use from the 24mm. If the 24mm is not low powered enough for finding my way around I'll have too look at maybe the ES30. I'm gonna wait for clear sky before my next move, which may also include the 14mm Morpheus ?
  2. Ok Guys, my ES82° 24mm arrived today :-). Unfortunately also have the clouds and the rain. Will update this thread after I get a chance to try my new toy out ??
  3. Well, I got to try my 13mm Hyperion out tonight. Moon was the focus as it was full and drowned almost everything else out. The Hyperion performed poorly in my Dob. Brightness was poor, and there was an obvious glow around the outer 20%. It would seem that all the advice given to avoid these in a fast scope is very good advice indeed. I compared every eyepiece I had, even the stock EP’s that came with my mak performed better than the Hyperion @ f/5. My personal experience with the Hyperion in an f/5 Dob was not a good experience at all.
  4. There are many opinions on these Hyperions, from what I am gathering the majority 70/30 are negative in reguards to the use in a fast scope. I have no complaints when using the 13 in my f/11 mak, f/5 could be different. I will reserve my judgment untilI I get a chance to try my 13mm out for the first time in my f/5. All that’s needed now are clear sky’s..
  5. Yes I definitely wouldn’t take the chance on them after reading reviews and from the advice given. The fact that I already have the 13 + fine tuning ring for which I use with my mak , is why I was considering using them in my f/5. I haven’t had the chance to try the 13 out yet but it’s looking very likely it will be in the f/5 only once . Thanks for the advice rwilkey
  6. Yea, it would seem f/4.7 would be too fast to get on with the Hyperions. To think that I could possibly get quality performance from the Hyperions in my f/5 scope is likely wishful thinking.
  7. Are the Baader Hyperion eyepieces really that bad in a fast f/5 Dobsonian? if so, In what department does it fall short? and What is the cause of the problem? btw, I have the 13mm Hyperion that works great in my 5” f/11 Mak, but haven’t had a chance to try with the f/5 Dob yet.
  8. Could I possibly throw a 2" Revelation 30mm 70° into the mix before my head explodes?
  9. Yea, I do though want to get the best out of my 10" Dob, i'm not sure if i could accomplish that with the BST. But i am no expert so I may be wrong.
  10. Thanks for that. I will take a look at those Opticstars for sure, though I would be a bit cautious on having faith in a clone but yea, worth a look.
  11. Yea, Im getting great results with the Revelation Astro 32mm on my 5" MAK. Its the ES's 82° FOV for the 10" Dob that prevents me from slowing down ?
  12. I am more or less ready to pull the trigger on an ES82 30mm. One last hurdle, I’ve been doing some research and just come across (coma), which is something I know nothing about. Anyone know if my scope + ES 30mm will have the chance of suffering from (coma)?
  13. The ES82 30mm has 22mm eye relief, so it’s in the lead at the mo ?
  14. Thanks man. Yea the ES82 30mm seems great value alright. I’m wondering if I was to buy one EP for viewing DSO’s would a low power 30mm be the first one to invest in, and also would 3 in total, low, mid and high power be the way to go?
  15. Hey Guys, I’ve recently purchased a 10” Bresser Messier Dobsonian f/5, I need some advice on eyepieces. It would seem these type of scopes are quite picky in reguards to eyepieces. It is mostly going to be used for observing DSO’s. The Scope can accommodate both 1.25” and 2” eyepieces. I am a total newbie to the world of Dob’s and 2” eyepieces so all help will be appreciated. Budget is not set in concrete but value for money is a must. I also have a 5” Mak for which I use - Revelation Astro 32mm plossl - Baader Hyperion 13mm - VixenNPL 10mm and 20mm.
  16. Ok, thanks folks for your sound advice. So, i've just purchased a 10" Bresser Messier Dob S/H at decent money, i'll let you know how I get on ?
  17. Thanks for that guys. I think I have now removed the 8" from the equation. I have plenty of room for storage, and have no worries about it being too heavy as I wouldnt have to move it too far from where it will be stored. Budget is a bit of a concern but not strict. I think my main concern is the price difference between the 10" and the 12". Is the 12" worth the extra £300+ ?
  18. Hey guys, I’m in the hunt for a Dobsonian to accompany my 127 mak. I’m thinking an 8, 10 or 12 inch but can’t decide if the 12 is worth the extra cash over the 8 or the 10. I live in the countryside so light pollution isn’t really a big issue. I know bigger is better so it may be a no brainier. Any thoughts?
  19. Thanks for the advice.. Can,t wait for clear sky's...Love my mak 127
  20. Hi everyone.. I need some advice on cleaning my lenses and primary mirror... I only have my telescope 2 weeks so I am sure they do not need any attention yet, but the thought has crossed my mind..... As the telescope is a very sensitive peace of kit ,I am very cautious on the do,s and don,t on this subject..
  21. Could someone please advise me? When taking my skymax 127 from inside my house to the outside garden to cool down before viewing, should I take the cover of the mirror and leave the eyepiece holder empty so as to let air curculate?
  22. Can I use any type of EP with the skymax 127?? Could you recomend a good quality 32mm EP..?? Or should I buy a set?
  23. Thanks for that..Realy looking forward to it.The conditions are great here in N.I for the 3rd night in a row,pity the skymax wont be here until next week..... A well,fingers crossed for next week.
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