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  1. Thanks Guys I balanced the scope properly and had a play around with the R.A and Dec dials and can see how i could point in any direction without moving the Latitude setting. Previously to point at different objects at different heights i was adjusting the latitude dial constantly. So now its polar align and adjust RA and DEC only. Thanks again. What a brilliant forum this is. Mike
  2. Thanks Guys, Great information. So i can manually move the RA and then let the motor track the object for me. Think i might have an issue with the motor on my Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD as when i was testing it last night the motor was on but it wasn't moving anything. The RA should be moving with the motor switched on ?
  3. Will double check that tomorrow but i'm more concerned about what i need to adjust after polar alignment. For example the orion nebula is a lot lower in the sky than polaris so surely im adjusting the latitude scale to see this ??? If so whats the point in setting this to your latitude in the first place if it has to be adjusted each time you want to lock on something??? Mike
  4. From reading guides how to polar align a scope i was under the impression that when the latitude is set to your location and pointed north you would be polar aligned more or less. Tonight i aligned my scope to Polaris and the latitude on my dial was 60+ degrees not the 52 degrees that i am located at. Also i'm confused to what dials i should be adjusting when i am polar aligned. For example i'm looking for the Orion Nebula what should i be adjusting ??? Sorry for these basic questions but i'm totally confused on how Polar Aligning works to see objects other that Polaris. Mike
  5. Thanks NGC 1502 i think i will go for the 4mm and see how i get on and as you said i can always sell it on if i'm not happy with the results.
  6. Cheers guys for all that great information. It would mostly be for planets that i would be looking for increased magnification. At the moment i have a 20mm, 12.5mm 10.0mm and 6.5mm and a 3x barlow which was cheap and is rubbish. In your opinion what would i get next ? Thanks Again Mike
  7. I have a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD and am a bit confused at what the actual Magnification limits of the scope. I have seen 217x and 350x in different reviews on the internet. From people in the know what is the max magnification i can expect and also what lens would i need to achieve this ??? Thanks guys Mike
  8. I'm looking for a T-ring for a Sony Nex 3 or Minolta MD. Could i get a recommendation of a good online store where i could pick up one of these at a decent price ??? Thanks Mike
  9. Yeah can focus no problems with the 10mm and 20mm lens. Edit; Went outside and tried to focus on a distance Chimney and managed to do so with the 20mm lens and Barlow. I didn't drop the Barlow the hole way down the lens chamber, maybe only one third of the way down. Its a clear day here so will try later on Jupiter and hopefully it will work.
  10. Tried to focus on the Moon first then went on to the Orion Nebula and then stars and finally Saturn with no joy. Didn't try in daytime so i might give that a go.
  11. @Peter No focus at all with either of the lens i have. @Angus. The Celestron 130EQ is a reflector. Cheers for the replies by the way guys. Would the Barlow be faulty or damaged i wonder??? It looks fine to me though.
  12. Hi Guys I got a Barlow 3x for my Celestron 130EQ MD scope but i can't get it to focus with the 20mm or 10mm lens provided with the scope. Is a 3x Barlow not compatible with my scope?? Any advice would be appreciated as i'm new to all this. Tia Mike
  13. Hi Guys from Ireland. Ive been a long time interested in Astronomy but only recently got my first telescope which is the Celestron 130EQ MD. Loving it so far. Great to be part of the forum. Mike
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