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  1. Diffraction spikes are not added by me but from the telescope itself! The 10" dob has a spider vaine at top that holds secondary mirror - so it is shown on picture.
  2. Hey folks, this is an attempt to image m45 and get the nebulosity of the "seven sisters". 20subs * 30sec on ISO 1600. enjoy, please free to comment and collaborate. theo
  3. I use my 250px Dob in goto AZ base and take acceptable pictures up to 45secs. You can see some AP with 250px on my Flickr account /lovemydob The skywatcher dobs are great series for many uses
  4. Never had the chance to meet Kev or exchange PM's. My condolences to family and friends. Rest in Peace Kev.
  5. Only 3 subs: 15 sec ISO 12800 20 sec ISO 12800 25 sec ISO 12800 I know subs are not many and not long enough but galaxy showed up for a salute enjoy
  6. are you on hubble taking pics? excellent!
  7. Hi, took 5 subs of 30sec (ISO 3200, ISO 6400) 20sec (ISO 6400) 15sec (ISO 6400) 10sec (ISO 6400) on M104, stacked with nebulosity. I am pleased with result as all my subs came with minor star drift and actually shoed up the galaxy (for such short exposures and subs) enjoy, feel free to tweak as am not good at all.
  8. welcome to sgl, spectacular capture! well done!
  9. What gear you have? I upgraded my manual Dob to goto with the skywatcher's kit, all from factory. However, every time before imaging, I check the level of base with ground using bubble level. I do alignment with stars opposite to each other, never use star on zenith. Finally, I use the build in PAE function a lot. On 30sec subs, at the end of night 80% will be usable 45sec, 65% 90sec, 40% Bear in mind that sometimes its not only the field rotation that causes trails but the motors vibration inside as well. Finally, I use a bahtinov mask (self made) to perfectly focus. Thank you for comments
  10. M51 with AZ Dob 5 stacks 30 - 75 secs ISO 3200 Pentax K-X Stack with nebulosity ps: don't forget, DOB's can image
  11. Hi Chris, today i made a 15m straight cable (Cat5e) and works fine with synscan AZ hand controller. No delay, no voltage problems. It works as fast as a short cable used. regards.
  12. 72 minutes star trail, 1600 ISO, 30 sec subs. Pentax K-x.
  13. Very good detail for a single shot! the nebula is shown very well!
  14. i think its a good overall image of m45, great job man!
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