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  1. Hello and welcome back fellow warringtonian.(come on the wire on saturday vs the pies)
  2. Hi all. Could anybody recommend a club in the cheshire area. I would like to try some scopes before i take the plunge so i thought that joining a club would be a good idea. Thanks.
  3. My budget is about £150. With me being a beginner i thought i would look at the moon and the constellations. I'm still studying the books and magazines. I saw the ISS a couple of weeks ago just wish i had something more powerful to view it with.
  4. i have just joined SGL and would like some advice on equipment to buy. On the welcome board i asked for some suggestions on a first telescope, i was just wondering would it be a good idea to get some astronomy binoculars first then move on to a telescope. i currently only have a pair of Busnnells 10x40 H2O bins that i use for birdwatching. thanks
  5. Hello all, can anybody recommend good viewing places in the Cheshire area. The reason is that when i finish work i dont want to be travelling too far because i start work early in the mornings. Weekends are ok though can go anywhere. thanks
  6. Thank you all for your advice cant wait to get started.Astronomy is so addictive i've already bought books and magazines.
  7. Hi everyone. I've just become really interested in astronomy since seeing the space station last week but i've only got a pair of binoculars. Any advice on a first telescope for a beginner. My wife says £300 is my limit..
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