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  1. Claudia J. Alexander (1959–2015), Ph.D. was a research scientist specializing in geophysics and planetary science. She was African American. She has worked for the United States Geological Survey and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. As member of the technical staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,she was the last project manager of NASA's Galileo mission to Jupiter and until the time of her passing had served as project manager and scientist of NASA's role in the European led Rosetta mission to study comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Claudia was awarded the Emerald Honor for Women of Color in Research & Engineering by Career Communications Group, the National Women of Color Research Sciences and Technology Conference. Our Condolences go out to her family co-workers and friends at this time Dr Alexander talks about Comets ( Mod if this is the wrong place please move to the correct location please)
  2. Welcome aboard John - G7VHJ Nick de KC2VWR
  3. Yes that looks good !
  4. Hi Mike and welcome to SGL !
  5. Ok with Power restored on MtTeide,my Comet missions are back on! So I have the following Imaging runs set,Comet C/2011 Q4 (SWAN)(mag 12)@21.25 GMT with Refracted upper-limb of Moon on or above apparent horizon(Last visual observation was 2011 December) and Comet 29P/​Schwassmann-Wachmann(mag13)@03.​15 GMT with Refracted upper-limb of Moon on or above apparent horizon(Last visual observation was 2012 January)
  6. It seems that the flag is from a coat of arms used by the Old County Council ( have to agree sadly its the only one i can find on the Internet apart from that one is the borough emblem of the eagle and castle lets face it the new central one is Borrrrreeeeing
  7. I think i'm more and more going for the Caravan option, with the Duvet and gf to keep me warm lol.......
  8. Would it include the flag for Bedfordshire? File:Flag of Bedfordshire.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. I'm planning to be at SGL8......
  10. Chuckles Nah I'm moving back to the UK this year .......
  11. Ok a question are caravans allowed at SGL? as i would like to attend 2013
  12. Hmmm just as well i am shipping my 10" Newt to rural Beds might try for this with one of the Mt Teide Scopes .... hmmmm ok according to JPL Horizons its below the obsies horizon right now ok then i'll go for P/2012 B1 (PANSTARRS)