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  1. Ok, I think I shall find out where my nearest Astronomy Society is and talk to them also. I really appreciate all of the help I have received, you have probably saved me quite a bit of money. Many thanks to you all.
  2. The thing is, that after my experiences with the 130 eq, I really am not sure if I want to lay a great deal of money out an something I may still find difficult to use, or is a motor driven mount much easier to use? I have read an article about the 130 eq that did say that the 130 eq wasn't user friendly and even a more experienced person found it difficult to use.
  3. Thank you for your concise replys This is what i had in mind. I have heard that this is a good telescope with which to start astro photography. By Astro photography I mean planetary, clusters and maybe nebulea if possible. Am I barking up the wrong tree? I already own a Celestron Atromaster 130 eq, and find it difficult to use. I don't want to get too frustrated and let my enthusiasm wain. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all and apologies in advance. I understand that GOTO will take you to your desired target. Does it however then track that target. If so would a GOTO set up be suitable for astro photography?
  5. Hi all. Had a fantastic couple of nights stargazing at my caravan over the weekend. However being a novice I decided to try and target certain objects with my Celestron astro master "star pointer". I know that this scope is conssidered to be reasonably budget in the grand scheme of things, but seriously the "star pointer" doesn't seem up to much. It made what should of been a fantastic couple of sessions rather frustrating. I am thinking about buying a Telrad. Is this a good idea, if so where is cheapest to get one, as I ( like a lot of us ) am skint at the moment. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi AlanB and thanks for the warm welcome. This is great I live near Eccleshill and was wondering where my local club was. I see that the next meeting is on Mon the 20th. I will definatley try and make it. Many thanks
  7. Hi Demonperformer, Thanks for the warm welcome and for the advice. As for the 25mm e/p it actually does show things "erect" and doesn't require a prism ( im assuming that is one of those 45 degree extra thingies ). Really chuffed about the messier objects, and I'm lucky enough to already have a caravan in the deepest darkest dales. Quite funny really I looked up last weekend and didn't know where to start, all of the more familiar formations seen at home, seemed to jave just melted into the vastness of stars, quite amazing . Thanks for the list of globulars, a good starting point I think. Thanks again.
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to say hello and possibly seek some advice. I am new to astronomy and have aquired a few bits and bobs. My wonderful wife bought me a Celestron Astromaster 130 eq for my birthday as a suprise. I presume it is Ok for the task at hand, i.e moon, some planets and possibly DSO's ? ( really would like to see some nice clusters ). Also is this scope any good for viewing most messier objects ? As I said earlier i have aquired a few things such as : Turn Left at Orion ( which is fantastic ), a planisphere, and downloaded Stellarium. Would you recommend I buy a barlow lens ? I currently only have the 25mm and 10mm supplied with the scope. I have used both and understand that the 25mm is an erecting e/p only and from what I read is best for terrestrial viewing. What lenses or any other kit you would recommend for a begginer to start out with. Sorry if I seem to be going on a bit but I have been waiting for ages to try my hand at astronomy and can't wait to start properly. If anyone out there has a 130 eq please let me know what you think of it, and if poss post any images you may have captured , I would be very grateful indeed. Like I said sorry for going on, cant wait to hear any replies. Many thanks.
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