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  1. Hi Karen, im just round the corner in North Hykeham!!
  2. Hi Chris I'm a newbe like you just up the A15 to in Lincoln, scary the amount of knowledge you have take in, still one step at a time & the people on this site are great with their advice. Cheers
  3. thanks John I appreciate the help, Its a massive learning curve starting out but I'm in no rush!!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm just getting into the astronomy and have started off with a couple of books and some bins 25 X 75 & tripod. I have had the gear for about a week now just waiting for clear skies!!!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I have downloaded the stellarium program and just joined Lincoln Astronomical Society. I'm going up there tomorrow night there a chat a chance to view their scope cant wait
  6. Hi all, I'm a newbe to astronomy and have started out with the basics, I have celestron 25 X 75 bins, tripod & a couple of starmaps. My bins came yesterday (tripod came this morning) and I viewed a few things last night but got a bit lost. I was blown away by how much you can see though! I saw a cluster of stars in the direction of coma berenices but could do with some pointers please!!
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