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  1. Sorry it didn't work out for you, Damo, but thanks for the heads up on the powerpack. I think I'll call in Maplins this weekend! Jason
  2. Glad you got sorted Mike. I'll be interested to see some of your shots. Best wishes, Jason
  3. Great to hear you had some clear sky in Dorset - continual rain the last week for us in North Devon. Jupiter really is a fantastic sight.
  4. Sounds like you have a real bargain there George. I'm envious.
  5. Hi Mike, There is some info about this here: Camera mounting - Celestron Nexstar 127SLT MAK - Astronomy Forums | Telescope Forums & Reviews | Astronomy Community You might have to join the forum to view it. I hope this helps. Jason
  6. I have the Celestron version - same OTA I understand. I love my 32mm Televue on this - great wide views of DSOs. My TMB planetary II 6 mm is probably pushing it but I am lucky enough to have some dark sky. I get better images of planets in the Baader Genuine Orthoscopic 7mm, but eye relief is much tighter. For that reason, I use the TMB when I want to let friends etc look in the scope. Jason
  7. Lovely images - something to look at while I wait, seemingly forever, for the clouds to clear in the southwest.
  8. Hi Dave, Welcome to SGL. There is so much fantastic info here - it'll keep you occupied on those many cloudy nights.
  9. I can thoroughly recommend the Televue 32mm on the 127 - it's quickly become my favourite eyepiece. I was lucky enough to get it under their 20% off offer a few months ago.
  10. I'm trying to make the same decision with a Dob so would also like to know - I love the idea of tracking or GoTo but would like to be able to take the telescope outside without the hassle of battery and leads sometimes.
  11. And for your planisphere! Amazon were sold out for months last time.
  12. An excellent book. I read the new version will be spiral bound making it even more useful.
  13. I've got the same scope and bought a TMB Planetary II 6mm. It's pushing it but on some days I'm glad I have it - I did get to see 5 of Saturns moons with it one evening, 1 more than with the 9mm. The image is softer but seems much larger. I also have a Baader Orthoscopic 7mm which is definitely sharper, but the eye relief tighter (and it cost 2x as much). I am lucky to live on Exmoor - pretty dark and about 1000ft up. Jason
  14. Goto for me at the moment - it does maximise the the time available, which is always too little. My eyesight isn't great either, so I do find it quite a help. I do like to try a little star-hopping though, practising for the big Dob I'm going to treat myself to soon.
  15. I got my first views back in the spring when it was low on the horizon. Despite that I still thought it was amazing and had to call all the family out for a look. Only my 5 yr old was enthusiastic though, and told her teacher about it the next day.
  16. That' a great link, thanks Marco. Couldn't find anything as useful as that on the big auction site.
  17. Nice one. I'm still waiting for the clouds to clear here to give it a go.
  18. Me too. I (sadly I thought) leave a piece of A4 with a reminder message on the tray of my scope which I leave on the floor when I take the scope outside. It's there waiting for me when I get back.
  19. Good luck! I'm lucky enough to have a dark sky by UK standards, but i'm sure nothing like you'll be getting. Jason
  20. Hi Robin, I'd be interested how you get along with the combo. I have a RDF on my 127 Mak, and am interested in adding a finderscpoe. Jason
  21. Thanks very much Dan. I've just downloaded and will sit and read them during the cloudy weather forecast for me all week:( Jason
  22. I primarily use a pair of Canon IS 10x30 - the image stabilisation is great and allows me to hold them up for much longer than pairs without. I also have a pair of Nikon 10x50 - a slightly brighter image but I tend to lie down with them for anything other than a short view. I'd like to get another pair with even lower magnification sometime. Jason
  23. Great images Ed, I'd be very happy with them. Time to buy my own webcam and have a play. Jason
  24. I believe the buy & sell area becomes available after you have posted 50 times - I've still a long way to go. I've used UK AstroBuy/Sell successfully. Hope this helps. Jason Beaten twice - I have to learn to type quicker!
  25. Having started this fantastic hobby back in February, I agree there are benefits to both times of year. In the winter it was definitely easier to see DSOs with my small Mak, and, of course, I could start viewing much earlier. At the moment, whilst there just isn't the same degree of darkness, I find that I am able to stay out much longer. I did find my telescope getting really affected by frost back in winter. I'm concentrating on enjoying Saturn, the moon and double stars right now. Jason
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