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  1. In case you are still tracking C8 serial numbers Just bought a C8, orange tube from original owner. Purchased, 1980, plus or minus one year. Direct purchase from the factory showroom in California. Serial number 800685 John
  2. Look up the term, averted vision. Some interesting info on how to see, the hard to see, things out there.
  3. I had a similar issue with my C6-NGT. It would act as if it was going to slew to the location of choice then continue on and end up trying to dig a hole in the ground. I am glad it could not reach that far. I tried resetting the location, not sure of what i was doing, with no joy. Reset it to factory defaults, it came up and asked for location, what I had tried to do before and had the wrong location, it then took the new load. Of course clouds moved in before I could get to check it again. Will try again in a few months. Interested to know what they find. Good luck John
  4. Took some this afternoon, will try to get them on in the morn
  5. I am going to mount my Kronos 26 X 70 this weekend and try them out. I did not know it but a mount was stuck in the pocket of the case. So you are supposed to be able to mount them to a reg tripod. Will see.
  6. I have not heard about the wifi box. I just got a Celestron C6 with Goto. Have not had a chance to try it out. Does the wifi component only work with certain computerized mounts?
  7. Out of curiosity, Is there a preferred place to mount a Telrad? I have a C-6NGT. So with the ep and the finderscope (should I take the finderscope off) the realestate is crowded at that end. I am sticking it around the tube in different places, just hate to have it down and then figure out, wow should have stuck over in a diff place. Any info would be appreciated,, John
  8. Ok, So, I have not totally lost it, just mostly. Will review the videos and get the barlow out, have not opened it yet anyway. See what happens. Will let you know. Thanks, John
  9. Is it possible/normal to check collimation with both and have one appear to be on and the other off kilter. I checked the coll with the chesire first and it was slightly off. Then plugged in the laser and it was slightly off. Cool, they appear to agree. I adjusted using the chesire and the laser was off. adjusted using laser and chesire is off. Or is me that is off, very possible. John
  10. Hi, Joined this year as well. Scope sat at home (2months) awaiting my return. I have been home now for three days. Put scope together and realized the manufacturers manuals do not work. So off to explorer land. Looked at sun, with solar filter (of course), and enjoyed that brief few moments before the clouds found out I was in the backyard, not still in the house. Tried to collimate, wanted to learn how, before I need it. That was not pretty. Going to restart with Astro-baby's guide. I used both a chesire and a laser collimator. They do not agree. Has anyone had that issue? I will admit one magnificently stupid thing i did, It will be funny later. I was trying to figure out how to adjust the secondary mirror, loosened up knobs to spider vane. The op man from celestron does not address what all these knobs, screws etc do. The guide from Astro-baby even has pretty pic's. That I can handle, I hope. having fun
  11. negatons will offset the weight of the protons and keep the scope from becoming unbalanced
  12. I took my assembled scope into the yard and viewed the pine cones. That worked. So then I put the solar filter on and started chasing the sun. That showed me that I would expend much more effort when I tried it at night, attempting to find much much smaller objects. Definitely an eye opener. It was good practice in moving the scope manually to locate an object. Hope to get out this weekend and try a night viewing, if I can figure out the Go To by then. If not and I can see enough of the moon I will try to catch it. All in all, it was a very enjoyable time.
  13. There was a pair on ebay. I was outbid then the higher bidder dropped out so I ended up with them. I was bidding on a pair of Celestron 25 X 100's that I wanted but after I ended up "winning", I had to drop out on the Celestrons.
  14. You get a sheet of film and then figure out a way to affix it to the opening of your viewing device. There are some instructions in one of the threads that give info on how to make something to hold them.
  15. Astro luke, try solar viewing as well. It is easier to find a star of "that" magintude. Of course, my first shot at it looked like I was chasing a crippled duck around the pond.
  16. Ronin, Thanks for the link, I had not thought about this until I saw the post. so thanks to stevo and ronin.
  17. I ordered a premade Baader solar filter for my C6-NGT and it works perfectly. It snaps into the end of the tube just like the dust cap does. For the 6 inch reflector it was approx 59 USD from High Point Scientific. Still going to order a sheet for my Binoculars, for funsies. John
  18. First shot with scope was solar with baader filter. Defiinitely interesting. did not do a night run with the scope, too many things going on. Still got to figure out how to use the GoTo function. Had enough trouble finding the sun and it is definitely big enough and bright enough to find manually. Going with Solar as a first run seems to be a good way to go, it is much easier to start learning in the day time how to maneauver the scope.
  19. I posted a question about zoom binocs on a couple of forums and was told without any hesitation, do not buy them. Informative link was in one of the responses, www.bigbinocular.com go to binocular info and support click on FAQ and scroll down, other info is good too, and link to "just say no to zoom binoculars". Couple of paragraphs down. And thanks to the person who originally recommended this link on the previous thread, John
  20. I tried out my Kronos last night. It was truly amazing. Of course, I could not hold them steady enough and the moon was not visible so I could not try it. Before that I tried them out during the day. I have never used any binocs with that much mag. Of course it is a little weird having to focus each individually. Going to pick up my spare lightweight tripod and hook them up and see how it is at night over the coming week end.
  21. Just found a JMI soft padded bag, 3810C on ebay, supposed to be new for a little less than half price off other retail sites. Wooooohoooo. It has max length 38 in and 10 in diameter.
  22. All the faster stuff should be backwards compatible
  23. Start looking for a used, older cheap notebook for backup. I found one, very reasonably priced because it would not do games fast enough. I still use XP.
  24. No musicians out there? Surely someone could come up with a song for astronomers about Aperture Fever. If nothing else, a good country song.
  25. Dan, As always thanks for your advice. I get home on Friday. My scope arrived while I was in Kuwait. I have been reading and thinking about this for the last two months. So this weekend, after I say hello to the wife, of course, I am going to take this info and give a go. Thanks again John
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