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  1. that is just stunning well done Paul
  2. Completely agree with stevenWolfes almost missed it last time too and have missed the peak starparty really dont want to miss this one :-) Paul Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Hi sologuitarist61, Yep from what i understand that has been tried and the dark matter appears to form a halo around the galaxies. i always believed the main evidence for dark matter come from the rotation of galaxies, The outer stars orbit too fast about the centre to stay in orbit given the amount of matter observed in the galaxies. Paul
  4. oh gawd im really sorry if i caused offence to anyone that was totally unintentional Paul
  5. hi Moonshane, I do have a power tank and thanks for the offer but have tried that before and can only get about 2 hours of imaging before it dies maybe could get a generator just a bit worried about the noise. Paul
  6. sorry for the previous rant frustration coming through hehehe. yep i know was advertised early in the year but i was unable to commit at the time due to the way the company i work for organises its holiday year. The new holiday allocations have only been released last week so was not possible to commit before. still i am sorry that was not intended to offend just express frustration. Thanks i have added myself to the waiting list hopefully will get something. Just seems to be a common issue the last two events we attended had the same issue (not enough EHU) as you say Moonshane it does demonstrate the popularity of the event (event in general). Paul
  7. Would love to attend however just went to book and there are no large grass pitches left so thought ok ill hire a motor van and use hard pitch only to find out that there are none of these left either what a joke !!!!!! anyone out there know if more are going to be made available as there are 3 of us that want to come one from scotland and the other two from windsor. we will be imaging to EHU is essential ? Paul
  8. ill be there. this year was great Paul
  9. Didnt have the pleasure of meeting him but from the comments here that was without a doubt my loss. RIP And clear skys forever where ever he resides now. Will be greatly missed !! Paul
  10. Wow great image mate !!! Paul
  11. Thanks all for the nice comments i was pleased with the results and will try to get more data as soon as weather and work allow Paul
  12. well said Rik i can totally agree with u on the meeting ppl front. this was my first SGL starparty and will def be going again next year. Paul
  13. Thanks all yeh i was pleased with the results. I especially like M61 just so much going on in there. Quatermass :- Yeh was a great time loads of like minded ppl and friendly. Paul
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