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  1. That is truely outstanding, well done sir.
  2. That's rather nice, good job.
  3. Great images, my personal favourite is Comet Lemmon. Do you have a larger res version, would love that on my desktop.
  4. Outstanding, great detail.
  5. Fantastic image, as said it really puts other objects into context as to position and relevent size.
  6. Absolutley stunning image Tom, great work.
  7. Hi guys After what seems like an eternity I managed to set up last night and get my first image since April, decided on NGC7023 as I wanted to try it again with the modded EOS as last time I imaged it was back last year. So this is it just 25 x 120s subs, darks, flats and bias applied, does need longer subs but until I get my QHY5 I'll have to settle for shorter subs for now.
  8. Great image Mark, loads of detail showing through
  9. Holy *insert expletive here*, that is one of the most spectacular images I've seen, who needs Hubble. Fantastic work Tom
  10. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.
  11. A really nice image mark, the broom almost has a magical sparkle to it. Great job.
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