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  1. I have only been on here a week and already i have been overwhelmed by the helpfull nature of everybody . I am going on sunday to look at and hopefully buy my first scope - a second hand 150p on an eq5 kindly offered to me buy an sgl member ! Cant wait , and thanks to all .
  2. Hi glyn172 , very interested - will send you a pm now !
  3. It is seeing images like these that have prompted me to get my own telescope and have a go myself . You should be very proud of this photo ! Well done !
  4. Really like those - hope my efforts in the weeks to come are as impressive .
  5. Excuse my ignorance but this is all very new to me . Firstly , I will be ordering a Skyliner 150p this week and I have a couple of questions (there will be more !) Does a Barlowx2 fit straight onto a 150p ? Does it go between the scope body and the eyepiece ? Also , I know the 150 has a DSLR connection but how does this work ? Do you just take off the camera lens and attach to the scope or do I need any other bits ? Also , can I use the Barlowx2 and the camera attached at the same time ? Really excited about the hopefully clear nights to come , so many questions swirling around my head !! Thanks in advance .
  6. So what else should I consider buying straight away ? The only thing that is on my list is 'Turn left at Orion' as I need pointing in the right direction ! I have heard a lot about a barlow x2 . Do these just fit straight onto any telescope ? Does it fit between the telescope body and the eye piece ? Any essentials I should order at the same time ? Thanks !
  7. What an amazingly warm welcome . Thank you ! Good to see lots of people from my neck of the woods too , hopefully that means visibility isn't too bad round here ? I have more questions now so off to the advice forum for me . Thanks again to you all !
  8. Hello everyone ! Every time I search on the internet for advice or reviews , I seem to get directed to this website - so I thought I had better join ! I am a married dad of a lovely 14 month old who has forgotten what the pub looks like . I have been thinking about getting a telescope for a while now and have recently been photographing the moon with an EOS 350d with various levels of success . My lovely wife has said she will buy me a scope for my upcoming birthday and this is where you come in ! The budget is only about £200-£250 and it will be mainly used for looking at the moon , Saturn , Jupiter (and anything else I can find) . I would also like to be able to hook my camera up to it and take repectable photos . I have been looking at the Skyliner 150p and Explorer 130p . Would these be suitable for my needs ? Please be gentle as this is all new to me ! Thanks
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