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  1. I watched last nights episode, not sure if it was a repeat from earlier on but I did find it very interesting. The information is very detailed and seems to have far more conclusive theories than 'Wonders of the Universe', from stating that life on earth did probably begin from comet/asteroid impacts depositing single cell organisms and providing evidence to back up their claim. Just not sure about Morgan Freeman narrating. Brilliant voice but at times it sounded like a voice over for a forthcoming movie! All-in-all, well worth viewing though.
  2. Wow, thank you all for contributing and sharing your favoured sites/locations. Admittedly, it's not the best time to be going away (at least for dark nights) but due to work commitmnets it has to be those two weeks. I'll check out all your links and references and make the selection. Then if it's good, I'll book a week in Oct/Nov when the nights will be darker and hopefully clear. Big thanks to you all
  3. It will be last 2 weeks in June (unfortunately longest night time )
  4. Hi All Due to having a 16 month old and another on the way come Christmas, I'm looking to book a week (or two) somewhere in the UK (gone are the days of Vegas ). I plan to take my scope with me and was hoping for some suggestions/feedback of places you have stayed so I can narrow my search. Obviously Galloway seems the perfect place due to 'dark sky' status but may be a bit far to drive with a little one in the back causing havoc. I like it down Devon/Cornwall and am keen to give Exmoor region a go but am completely open to your suggestions of anywhere you've been specifically for astronomy or a place you've visited and wished you'd packed the scope! All suggestions greatly appreciated
  5. Hi all, This is just what I need. Recently got my first scope in March and would be good to meet up and get some advice/assistance/help. I've viewed from my back garden only to date and have recently had my first glimpse of Saturn, albeit only with a 15mm EP and my Goto wasn't aligned (had to move scope quickly to see Saturn!) so had to manually track but WOW. I'll PM Wulfrunian Hope to catch up with you soon.
  6. Hi Jon I had alignment issues also when I first got my scope and the kindly experts on here put me right. Firstly, ensure that your finder scope and red dot finder are aligned. I did this in the day (twilight so I could see object and red dot was highlighted) and aligned using a mobile phone mast that was approx 3 miles away. The red dot should be on the object and the object right in the centre of your EP at the same time. It is possible to move your head slightly and the red dot moves but with both eyes open and looking through the RDF at the object, the movement should be minimal and the red dot shouldn't move around greatly. If I move my head usually the red dot disappears all together due to the angle of view. I think this is a disadvantage of the RDF, which you don't get with other finder scopes. Sorry I can't be any more help. Maybe it just takes practice. I'm sure more learned advisers will be more help but that's my two-penneth. Good luck.
  7. Good point Vulcan. Let's get 2012 Mayan prophesy out the way first, then we can all move on to the next instrument of impending doom!
  8. After watching Mr Attenbrough on "How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth" again last night, I'd be shocked if us humans see it past another 500 years unless we find technological advances to branch out into the universe or enable us to produce sufficient sustainable resources Why do I keep watching the re-runs of programmes telling us we're all DOOMED
  9. Also got mine from Aldi £32.99 with the dopuble 12V output, compressor etc... 5 weeks ago. They had plenty in stock then so I'd of thought they still had some. You can dod a stock cehck online I believe. Had absolutely no problems with it at all so far.
  10. Like it DemonPefrormer, Take it while you can get it (like a lot of other things in life ).
  11. I would have thought that clear winter nights would best but was just interested in more experienced views. I suppose it may come down to personal choice. Interesting that different objects are better viewed at differing times of the year. Is there a resource anywhere that gives me this information? I've downloaded stellarium but cannot recall this function.
  12. As a newbie to astronomy I have only caught the back end of winter and now the beginning of spring. So, the thread about "haze" got me thinking . Which one of our seasons is best for stargazing? I didn't have my scope until 4 weeks ago, so am very green, but I quite liked the end of winter because it was dark nice and early and if we had high pressure, we had clear dark nights which was good for viewing. I would think that mid winter on a good clear night is spectacular but must wait and see. Now coming into spring, the nights are drawing out so it's not getting dark as early and we currently, no doubt due to atmospheric conditions, have this haze affect, which is detracting from my viewing experience. No doubt summer will bring clearer skies (fingers crossed) but it won't be getting dark until 10pm onwards soon enough so the time spent observing will be cut dramatically unless I catch up on my sleep at work . Autumn, I presume will be similar to spring, so.........what is the best season for stargazing? Stu
  13. stumids


    I concur Spaceboy, As one newbie who was inspired by Stargazing Live and went out and bought a scope + accessories, my new hobby has been a little stalled! It is frustrating and I have stated so in other threads (apologies). I suppose with astronomy, patience is a virtue and you should have to roll with whatever weather conditions prevail. One seasoned stargazer did tell me, "don't be too concerned about weather, one thing is for sure...the cosmos will still be there when the fog lifts" - that over the last few weeks has become my mantra! Saying that it was good to have a gaze through the haze last night.
  14. Hi Si, I'm a newbie and bought my scope second hand. It came with the Neximage CCD but must admit I haven't even got it out of the box yet. I wanted to get used to the scope prior to doing any imaging But, if what you say is correct (and I am in no position to question) then I can use my CCD for viewing in lieu of EP's and get clearer images/viewing than using an EP in hazy, thin cloud conditions? Must say, I had not thought of this but I will definitely give it a go. Thanks.
  15. Martin, I know how you feel, it's been cloudy in the Midlands for what seems like months. Friday night was good and last night was clear(ish) but for a newbie like me, who wants to use their new kit, it's VERY frustrating One thing that is for sure....the cosmos is not going anywhere (well, not just yet according to Dr Cox)
  16. Hi Wolfspride & welcome to SGL
  17. Hi & welcome to SGL Nice choice of scope, enjoy!
  18. Hi Dave & welcome to SGL. Sounds like you've got the perfect location, when you starting to take bookings?
  19. Hi & welcome to SGL Best of luck with emigrating. Kenya is amazing, went there on safari in 2006. Unfortunately, prior to me catching the stargazing bug but I do recall how dark and clear the night sky was. Enjoy!
  20. stumids

    hello from hull

    Hi Nick & welcome to SGL
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