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  1. Hi moon monkey, they are very good. what camera did you use?
  2. Are we able to see jupiter already? I must check more often.
  3. I agree with previous comments. Later in the year everything will get much better for dso's, longer periods of dark and the earth will be in a much better position for us northern hemisphere observers. Andromeda was my first Galaxy when i started in feb/march. I have learnt so much since then that my viewing will be much better, thanks to all the peeps on this forum and their advice. Spend your time getting fully acquainted with your scope so when the time comes you'll be ready for some good viewing.
  4. Well done with your first light on a new scope. Isn't it annoying to get a glimpse of something and then it disappears on you. I've had that problem for nearly 6 weeks cos of the weather. I've lost count of the amount of times i've set up and packed away lately. I've decided to leave it packed away until better conditions are here.BOOHOO
  5. They might bounce if you drop them so you won't have to bend down to pick them up. Neat job you done there.
  6. Might be worth asking your local gouncil to turn it off because you have trouble sleeping, or just tell them that you are an astronomer. My local council turns the village street lights off at 2am every night to save on energy use. That doesn't leave much time for viewing at this time of year but it's definitely a step in the right direction for them and me.
  7. Constant consumation of your wedding vows can get very tiring so i suspect you will need something to chill out.lol
  8. Adamski

    Newbie Do

    Hello Scott and welcome.
  9. they're really good, i think my favourite one has to be 16, where the shuttle is pointed nose down at the earth during sunrise/sunset.
  10. I agree with the comments, this was a concern for me shortly after i bought mine. I was advised to leave it alone as it would not affect performance and so far it hasn't affected it at all.
  11. Both are really good. It's not very often that we see pics of Venus. I saw venus in march and mercury but they both were very small.
  12. There is a 3D astro thingy called "Interactive 3D model of the solar system planets and the night sky". I've got it bookmarked but don't know how to pass it on to you but i'm sure if you googled it you'd find it. It's pretty good as you get real time view of the planets but you can also rewind or fast forward to see where they all are at any given time.
  13. I hope they know about collimating.lol
  14. I would have to call mine Betty, as in" It'd Betty be clear tonight".
  15. Mines kept in the shed. Apart from it being the only place for storage it's also really close to where i set up. Only got it in late feb so don't know about winter storage but i'm confident it will be alright.
  16. For sale items pop up along with all the other posts as well as at the equipment section at the start when you log in. You might have to wait a few days if you joined in the latter part of may.
  17. I'm having trouble uploading pics and was just wondering why. When i start a new thread everything is fine but when i go to upload pics a message says that the connection was lost. I don't understand this as i'm on line and on sgl and can carry on as normal. Help!!!
  18. If you look at FLO site they sell vixen stuff so i would imagine its good, and judging by the price in your post it should be. It looks well made.
  19. Is it a free event? I've never been to anything like this before so i'm really looking forward to it.
  20. I had a conversation with one of my neighbours and it turns that the female part is interested in astronomy while the male part didn't even know that the sun is a star, He actually thought it was a very hot planet. I can't gey my head around the fact that an adult didn't have this basic knowledge.
  21. Amazing. When looking at the sky with the naked eye you see quite a lot of stars, but with images like those it's truly mind blowing to see how many more there actually are.
  22. WOW. That is a massive ejection. Did you shoot it yourself? Looks like it's much bigger than the diameter of the sun.
  23. Hi John, I also like taking pics of the moon in daylight. I use my phone camera, 5mp, and have some pretty good pics, they aren't as good quality as yours though. They make really good wallpapers on my desktop.
  24. Have you been flicking white emulsion.lol. I know there's a lot of stars in the galaxy but i didn't realise Orion was so packed and colourful.
  25. With EQ mounts you can also add drive motors and goto's at a later date giving you time to get aquainted with astronomy and time to save some cash.
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