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  1. Good pics mate. ther's nothing wrong with holding your camera at the ep, that's all i do and i've managed some good shots of the moon, even zooming in with my fone camera i get to the point where i can only see acouple of craters, although the quality starts to suffer.
  2. Adamski


    I thought i saw the ISS last night moving from north to south at about 11ish. at first it looked very bright, like a headlight in the sky, it then suddenly winked out. Can anyone confirm that it could have been? Cheers
  3. very funny. To think wiki sites are supposed to be educational. Well, i've certainly learnt something, don't use wiki sites.
  4. sounds like you had your own bit of personal british weather with you .
  5. I think that eclipse posts should be banned today because it just isn't fair on us brits.lol
  6. Some are triple systems or even more than that, all locked together gravitationally. There is such vast distances between stars that when you see a pair or group together you can see the differences in their types in one field of view.
  7. beautiful red moon, and the milky way.
  8. Unfortunately there was far too much cloud here. I'm a bit gutted really as watching the bbc news they showed a lovely red moon. I was pleased to see how many people were excited about it all over the world though. It looked like everyone had a deep down amazement with astronomy.
  9. Hi stuart, sounds like you had a good night. Some petrol stations sell 24 led torch things, I used a peice of red acetate to cover the led's, it cost £3 all together. Don't know about mag without knowing the focal length. I find that if i keep my hand on the RA adjuster with a very slow turning pressure it compensates for the jiggling when focusing and if there is a bit of wind. Hope this is a little bit helpful.
  10. Hi Ant. I tried emailing them earlier but for some reason my server wouldn't let me send and as i'm not very computer savvy i didn't know where else to ask. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Hi all, can anyone tell me if FLO has an actual shop that the public can visit or is it only an internet store. I'd really like to check out some stuff physically because i have a wish list for my birthday next month but family members are against using their cards online. I personally don't have a problem as i've bought stuff online and not had a problem. Cheers
  12. Alright for some. I've been praying for a clear night so i can stay up late for a change.
  13. It's a result and that's what matters.
  14. Amazed at what you achieved with baader film, can't wait till i get some.
  15. Option 2 with armoured cable buried 18" deep. I'm having to do the same for my wifes workshop 10m from our house, plus extra fuse boards. I obviously will make use of this in the future.
  16. 6" thick concrete is sufficient to drill in to and use an epoxy resin to fix the bolts in. no more digging involved.
  17. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you would like to acheive. If you want to try imaging you don't necessarily need a big scope. There are wonderful images about which have been taken on 6" reflectors, but it's easier if you have synscan or goto and obviously a camera. I use the camera on my phone and have got some good pics of the moon.you can get far better with a dslr.
  18. WOW thats a beast. Looks like you've already dropped it on your foot.lol
  19. looks very good to me. i gotta get me a dslr.
  20. I haven't seen an eq1 but i suspect it would be pretty naff. Personally i'd keep the money for a new ep or something. If you already have a synscan is there a need for a second mount?
  21. Was watching "How things work" on Discovery science last night and they had a 10 minute part on the above scope. It is absolutely amazing, the most powerful land based telescope on Earth. the mechanisms for making sure it doesn't lose any crisp images can detect and adjust down to a thousandth of a centimeter. the total mirror width is 8.5m.
  22. I had a 60mm tasco refractor for about 8-9 yrs and just recently palmed it off to a neighbour with the same scope who doesn't have a clue how to use it, don't bother i said. Although i used to view the moon and jupiter with it until i stripped it down then i couldn't see the bottom of the garden. cleared some junk so a good result.
  23. The mount and tripod look too small for it.
  24. Hi all. I was wondering if it's possible to see Neptune and Uranus with my 150pl? will they just be specks of light or something more substantial? I noticed that we are closing in on them now that we have passed by saturn. Cheers,.
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