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  1. That is unbeleiveble. The quality stays constant when you zoom right in. It's got to be the best pic of the moon i've ever seen. Cheers.
  2. I agree, i have a 10m one and there is no loss of signal strength. I think it cost less than a tenner so pretty cheap also.
  3. The way i see it is that the money spent on hiring a camper is money lost. At least with the tent and other stuff you will own it an d never have to lose any more money. I don't think that you have to spend quite as much on camping gear though, I got a very good 6 person tent for £100, it could actually sleep 10 at a push, from millets. Air matresses are pretty cheap also. I always take my duvet and pillows and have found that investing in 3-4 sheepskins to lie on works wonders for keeping you snug snd warm. I reckon the sheepskins will be the most expensive items to buy but you should be able to get everything i've mentioned for less than £300. Have fun.
  4. Hello and welcome. Is there something in the water in wales as you're the second welsh newbie this morning.lol
  5. Sut mae, i think that's how it's spelt. Hello in other words if it's completely wrong.
  6. Only being relatively new to this game please correct me if i'm wrong but having spent a lot of time collimating on my scope i would say that the secondary looks like it is slightly elongated rather than round, The right side of the secondary looks like it needs to be pushed further back, using the adjusting screws. The primary is nice and round but on the right you see a thin image of the tube but on the left you can see quite a wide image of the tube. This may be ok, if so just ignore me and i'll go away.
  7. Rik they are amazing and very inspirational. I have the 150pl and like you i have no regular cash to spend on stuff. I would love to do imaging but i can only afford one good bit of kit once a year, so for me it's going to take 3-4 years to get a dslr, laptop, motors and an observatory. Unless i either win the lottery that i don't buy tickets for or get a well paid job. Mmmmmm, need to get a job me thinks, that's going to hurt as i've been a student for 2 years.
  8. That's a good shed. where is it from?
  9. Are you sure you didn't go to Glastonbury and enjoyed it so much you had to take the mud home with you.lol
  10. Adamski

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome.
  11. I have to say that last night i had the best view of the milky way that i've ever had. The weather was very clear so i set up at 9ish, went to watch tv until it got dark. Going out periodically for a cigarette i saw what at first was a band of cirrus cloud but after a while it was still there. I stayed up til well past 2am, all the street lights switched off at 1.45am. It was amazing with complete darkness, i didn't even bother using my scope because seeing the galactic plane with my eyes was enough to give me the WOW factor.
  12. I'm still trying to comprehend the distance between us and the next nearest star (after the sun) 4 freaking light years. I mean come on, 8 mins from sol to us and then 4 years from alpha centauri at approx 186000 miles per second. That is such an insignificant distance in the galaxy let alone the universe.
  13. There is so many stars and so many different colours.
  14. I'd better get me some sunglasses then, didn't realise that's all you needed.lol
  15. Hiya Gradie, I have the 150pl which is just a longer version of the 150p and to totally reassure you i have seen quite a few things so far. Autumn and winter are the best times of year for viewing because of the longer dark periods and there are more things to see ie: galaxies, nebulae and clusters. Planets are easy to spot when our orbit of the sun coinsides with that of what ever planet is on the same side as the sun. The moon is awesome but very bright when full and hurts my eyes.
  16. Adamski

    Hi folks...

    Hello finite, we've had more than our fair share of bad weather too. To quote " clinging on to the underside of the planet", this conjures up some funny images of you having to walk around on your hands and if you let go you go flying up into the sky and beyond.lol
  17. I left mine outside for the whole of april and detected no ill affects. The steel tube will expand and contract with differing temparatures but not enough to make any problems beyond tube currents and heat shimmer which you'll see anyway with your eyes.
  18. No good last night near plymouth, again. I live on the edge of Dartmoor looking out over Plymouth sound 10 miles south and since i started star gazing i have come to understand how much of a cloud making factory Dartmoor is, The wind blows moisture from the sea and straight towards datmoor where the molecules condense into clouds and then rain. When the weather is good it is a brilliant place to be though cos the southern horizon is 20-25 miles and east and west are nearly as good.
  19. Sounds like a very good night. I've only had 1 night viewing since april,weather been a pain and the sky never really gets proper dark this time of year. managed m13 . Haven't ventured into doubles yet tho, sounds good. Is it mizar and alcor that are gravitationally bound with another star? I'm sure i saw sky at night on tv and they were looking at Ursa Major. I dunno, memory hasn't woken up yet.
  20. HI. Although i can see things like m13 ok with the supplied ep's with my sw scope i was wondering how much difference there would be with a better quality one, and which one would be a good upgrade. More specifically i want to get a better 10mm ep, this size gives me mag. of 120x and 240x with the supplied barlow. I can just make out individual stars on m13, would i be able to see more stars and a brighter view with a better ep and also an upgradeed barlow? Although the instructions say the max mag. is 300x, at 240x everything gets a bit tricky, would this change significantly? I know they are basic questions but i want to make sure i get the right stuff.
  21. you can buy stainless or mild steel (zinc plated) threaded bar from any steel stockists and fastening suppliers for not much money, normally in a 1m length tho, or maybe look for a steel fabricators and get an offcut.
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