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  1. Hello Bellatrix, how are you? Enjoy your new hobby.
  2. There's a lot of trust in the wooden wheely thing for a top heavy load like that. Cracking gear and a good idea though.
  3. Frustrating isn't it. Winter's on it's way though, not only longer dark periods but i've noticed the skies are much clearer at that time of year. Only real drawback is the amount of clothes you end up wearing.
  4. There's a guy in the for sale section trying to sell a pretty good planetary camera, it's also on ebay at the mo.. £149 brand new, he's looking for £75 and it's never been used.
  5. There is another galaxy located very near to andromeda, have you considered it might be that instead. I was caught out with it the other week.
  6. ouch. is it worth a claim? if so you could get the extras you might need.
  7. Hi, i'm far from anything resembling an expert but judging by the gear you already have please don't be insulted when i ask" do you know where the polar scope goes?" if so the diameter of the hole should give you the size. I haven't got a clue to whether it's eq3 or 4, it does look pretty much like my eq3 though. On the second pic the exit hole for a polar scope is where the plastic cap is, top centre, just above where the counter weight screws in. you might have to unscrew the bar a bit, i've noticed this on my mount. I apologise if i've been no help what so ever. Good luck.
  8. I got pretty much the same scope, but it's on a tripod rather than a dob. The 150pl is f8 and i've had good views of saturn, jupiter, the moon and dso's. Managed to see mercury and venus earlier this year, although they were still pretty small. Just had my first look at the sun yesterday. Anyway, you'll do good with a 6" reflector.
  9. Nice photos but i'm sure i've seen shooting stars and planets and the milky way, unless i've just got so much dust on my primary mirror and i'm a bit deluded.
  10. Adamski


    Hello fellow cancerian. sometimes just trawling the skies is pretty good fun, you never know what you're going to see but it doesn't always matter. With autumn and winter around the corner you'll be spoilt for choice soon.
  11. Just got my solar filter finished and had a look at sol. Pretty cool stuff, could make out 3 sets of spots and when i glanced quickly i'm sure i could make out some prominences ( is that the correct spelling? ) but that might just be wishful thinking. Anyway i'm a happy bunny cos it's the first thing i've seen in a couple of weeks. Been getting some good clear spells but been doing work on the workshop which has left me worn out.
  12. Hello and welcome Rob. There should be plenty of advice and knowledge to choose from on here. People here are always happy to help others and answer any questions asked. Unfortunately not me as i've only been doing it for 6 months. Good luck with your book.
  13. cheers Si w, it's about a 1 minute walk to the rest of the moor. Anyone is aloud to camp whenever they feel like it. So long as you don't mind sheep, ponies and the odd cow snuffling about. Someone from the area has suggested organising a star party down here, there are hundreds of good spots to choose from.
  14. Adamski


    Hello and welcome from plymouth.
  15. Hello Brent, not to teach granny how to suck eggs but have you spoken with them about the lights? I'm very fortunate where i live, just on the edge of dartmoor, i'm a few hundred feet above everything to the south and also have good views east and west. Facing north is tricky cos my house is in the way but if i set up further down the garden it gets better. Also all the street lights get switched off at 2am and nobody has security lights. Any way heres a view facing south. lucky git aren't i?
  16. I can't see a problem leaving the mount attached to the pier and covered, unless of course you have motors and controls to think about. Once alligned the mount shouldn't need touching again. This is the option i'm considering to save time on setting up. Having a sw 150pl it's pretty easy to lift in and out of doors.
  17. When you have set up your tripod and mount correctly ( mount level, the N leg facing north and the mount, correct latitude ) it's a good idea to mark the spot you use . I used a black marker pen and circled each tripod leg on the concrete patio so that as long as the legs sit within the marks i know everything is in the right place. Obviously using a compass and spirit level.
  18. It's very good news and i'm sure plenty more councils will follow suit after they have observed the ones already doing so. I'm very fortunate as the street lights in my village switch off at about 2am, it's still annoying to have to wait until that unsociable hour to do some decent viewing but i am grateful that they do it at all. They surely must be aware of how much money and energy the will save.
  19. At last i've been allowed to buy some brand new ep's. A 17mm sw super plossl and i pushed the boat right out and ordered a celestron 5mm plossl from the clearance section on the FLO web site. I thought it would be better to get a more expensive high mag. ep than the £20 plossl from sw. Also ordered some Baader astro solar film because i quite often see clear skies during the day, so why waste the oppotunity to look at something. Can't wait to have a go and compare them to the stock ep's from sw, which i reckon are ok but at high mag. they do get a bit naff.
  20. Hi, i just found Carl Sagans book called "Comet" for £2.50 in a charity shop so i'm well pleased this morning. It's the same shop that has allowed my sci-fi book collection to grow into a mountain.
  21. Yep, count me in. The last few octobers have had good weather here on dartmoor.
  22. Being at the beginners level i have no advice but that sounds like an awesome project. Is Holsworthy anywhere near the Plymouth part of Devon. What i have got to offer you is quite a few years of fabricating and welding experience and would love to help out in any way possible just be a small part of it. I'm not interested in being paid ( unless it was pushed upon me ) as i am mostly at home not doing a great deal at the moment. If that's any use to you just let me know. Good luck.
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