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  1. Yes I built one and it works very well in conjunction with SGPro. Once set, the light settings are accurate and it makes the taking of flat frames a simple process.


  2. 20 minutes ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

    That's normal behaviour, there can be only one active session for the same user account.... and it's not hanging at the welcome screen, it's the system completing the upgrade process. by re-booting the pc, you may have inadvertently broken the OS....

    Hi Julian,

    With the active session in progress, I should still be able to use the host PC without logging off the remote device. I used to able to do this, but not now.


  3. Hi Julian,

    Previously I could access the Obsy PC via my laptop in RDP and also access the Obsy PC directly. Now if I try to use the Obsy PC whilst logged on with my Laptop it informs me that I'm already remotely logged on. If I log off via my laptop and try to access my Obsy PC it just hangs on the welcome screen.


  4. Has anyone had issues with RDT since the latest Win 10 update. I have been successfully using RDT for a couple of years with no issues, I could remote connect to my Obsy PC from my home laptop and also login on my Obsy PC when needs be without logging off on my home laptop and visa versa when back onto my home laptop with no issues (hope this makes sense).  Since the update I can remotely connect to the Obsy PC; but trying to login directly on my Obsy PC it locks up on the welcome screen and the only way round it is to reboot and a similar issue when trying to login to the home laptop when already logged in on the Obsy PC. The laptop is running windows 10 pro and the Obsy PC windows 7 pro.


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