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  1. Just a thought, can you bin cmos chips ? Steve
  2. sloz1664

    Hi from Dorset

    Hi Tony, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  3. When I had my NEQ6; I belt modded & super tuned it. I adjusted it to within limits that were unknown to man I'd adjust it so that it would turn 180 degrees without stalling, on both axis and thinking that was it. Then over time the temperature dropped and the motors stalled and they needed to be fine tuned again. So yes, to gain the fine precision needed to make the EQ6 an excellent mount, you will need to tweak it from time to time. Steve
  4. Happy birthday Gina. Hit that tea hard........ maybe a cake or two or even a scone with jam & clotted cream mmmmmmmm Steve
  5. Glad you found what you were looking for Mark. It still makes me chuckle on the descriptions though. 3/8" x 200mm. Shouldn't this be 3/8" x 8" Also, 3/8"..... what thread? 3/8" BSF, 3/8" BSW, 3/8" UNC, 3/8" UNF..... I could go on...... Steve
  6. Great project, nice to see someone using his diy skills to good use. You can't beat a good Tal finder, the optics are so good. Btw, love the old r&p focuser Steve
  7. Excellent image, but....... 82 hours, that's nearly a years worth Steve
  8. Love to image this, but it's on the wrong side of the planet for me Great images though David. Steve
  9. I still like the monochrome image Steve. Like Scot's widefield shot, black & white looks so atmospheric. All excellent images btw. Steve
  10. The forecast here was promising, but it's clouding over now Steve
  11. Hi Adam, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  12. Ivan, astronomy like all obsessions hobby's are not cheap affairs. Astro Imaging even more so. Enjoy your new set-up Steve
  13. Glad you liked it. I must admit it went together better than I'd hoped and the Dome has run flawlessly ever since. If you spring load the motor onto the drive belt/chain you do not need the idler wheel, just make sure you have ample adjustment to take out any movement. Once adjusted it runs without any further adjustment. The shutter is certainly a PITA. I have purchased four roller blade wheels which I am going to affix on the shutter. These will run over the dome to make the action nice and smooth, I will also mount two 20mm square upvc rails at the rear of the dome to keep the shutter aligned and securing brackets to stop the shutter from lifting. The thin aluminium rods will be discarded. The drive train will be bicycle chain driven by a 12v Dewalt drill motor, the slack chain taken up by derailleur sprung loaded arm. Travel both ways dictated by lever switches and all driven by the Levesdome hard & software. Steve
  14. I have the same Pulsar Dome, which I collected, on a flat back lorry, from a fellow astronomer in Wales and can appreciate the physical effort moving & installing it. I have automated my dome and hopefully will attempt to automate the shutter this summer. Pulsar Dome Automation Steve
  15. I'd just set and leave the binning to 2x2 for your auto focus routine. Start at 9 data points and adjust your step size until you get 4 data points on the r/h side of your curve leading to your auto focus sweet spot. I'd then set the auto focus setting to 7 data points for all your future auto focus routines. Steve
  16. Any one using the Android app BlackSkyMeter with additional fob. I have been after an android app to rival the ios DarkSkyMeter app. Steve
  17. Hi Mark, I use 2x2 binning for autofocus, it's a lot quicker and hopefully miss the clouds. Are you using a permanent set-up or having to set-up & strip down? Steve
  18. Fabulous image Alex. The Ha and exposure time has really brought out the extended halo. Steve
  19. Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  20. Hi Piero, Is this still for sale, if so, pm me your bank details & I will finalise the transaction Steve
  21. sloz1664


    Hi and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  22. Seems to be a charging issue with the Pi 4. https://liliputing.com/2019/07/lilbits-372-raspberry-pi-4-charging-issues-and-usb-c-confusion.html Steve
  23. Great shots, I must turn my attention to planetary in the near future. Steve
  24. I certainly do that with my bias & dark frames.
  25. Nice image and well processed Wim. Just love the amount of blue in NGC 7023. Steve
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