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  1. Lovely NB image and nicely processed Steve
  2. Thanks for update, Hugh. I'll order the additional parts. Also, I received part of my Embedded Coolness order. It has been stated as 1 of 2 packages and funnily, it's been sent from Australia. Steve
  3. Hi Hugh, Thanks for all the work you have put in so far. BTW software wasn't invented, it came out of Pandora's box and manifested itself into many guises. Luckily I have a spare Velleman board and I have been testing my circuit via Levesdome & SGPro. Which has proved successful. I have lots of LED's with 47k resistors installed, so that's not a problem, just waiting for the breakout boards from Embedded Coolness to arrive. I have found the full shutter circuit diagram I will use on my Dome. Obviously your wireless design will separate the circuit between the Velleman board and the relays/motor and 12v battery. Shutter control circuit.pdf Steve
  4. Hi Don, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  5. Hi Steve CO has given a clear night until 11pm Just a thought, how are you running your Mesu in sgpro and PHD2. Steve
  6. Hi Steve, In the PHD2 "Brain" advanced settings, go to the Algorithm's tab and unclick the Enable Backlash Compensation. Although once I have calibrated in PHD2, I save my settings and do not calibrate again for a month or so, unless I alter my rig. Steve
  7. I can see the tree, top left, but what is the patterning bottom right? Stev
  8. Hi Ollly Device manager> universal serial bus controllers> double click on each usb description (including hubs) Click power management tabs and "untick" allow this computer to turn off power. I'd go through the full list of usb devices, just in case. Steve
  9. That's a wonderful image Francis. Do you fully process in PI. Including calibration? Wouldn't mind a sneeky look at your workflow Steve
  10. I keep my obsy computer running during the colder months. The internal heat inside the case helps keep the computer working efficiently. Steve
  11. Hi Guillaume, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  12. Hi, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  13. Hi Ray, Although I don't use the QSI, I do use OAG's on both my Tall 200K and my WO 71 Star. With regards to focal points of various filters, it depends on whose software you are using for your imaging. On both MaximDL & SGPro you can set the focal distance per filter. Once selected the filter will be within the tolerance required for auto focusing. The guiding focus will not be affected by the small focus movements required by each filter. Steve
  14. Hi Neil, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  15. Hi, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  16. Any of the recently introduced micro computers is the way to go. Unfortunately programing is now beyond me, I dabbled with Fortran in the early 80's and that's it. CNC programming, and hand written in the early days, was my fortay. Steve
  17. Hi Hugh, No problem, I have Visio installed anyway so I could read the PCB image. thanks for the PDF version anyway. I also purchased a Velleman K8015 relay switch to set-up a Dead man's handle. I already have a UPS in the obsy.......but just in case Steve
  18. Hi Hugh, Thanks for the update and problems with the changes, I've plenty of 4.7k resistors. Just waiting for the delivery from the states. Steve
  19. Glad you have sorted your power connections Gina. Clear skies here, but the transparency is awful, PHD2 graph is like the alps. Steve
  20. Absolutely crazy, how can anyone justify Eur500 for a lump of metal, however they tart it up. I had a similar issue with Avalon on their additional weights, although it didn't amount to anywhere near Eur500. I took one of my existing weights to a CNC machine shop and they made me one better than the original and for 1/3rd the price. Steve
  21. Hi Joaquim, and welcome back to the Lounge That's a nice SW Dob you have there, many fruitful hours using it. I fell in love with Barcelona the first time I visited it. How are you able to move around the city with so many tourists visiting your magnificent city. Steve
  22. Hi, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge Steve
  23. First rule of "clear skies" Never mention "clear skies" Steve
  24. Good job Peter, hope everything goes and stays well. Steve
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