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  1. sloz1664

    New Member.

    Welcome to the lounge Kirk. You don't mention a mount for the Celestron 80mm Refractor, this could be key to what you do next. Regards the Skymasters 15x70 bins, unless you mount them on a tripod they will be too heavy to use for any length of time. Good luck on your bank holiday break. Hope you have clear skies in darkest Wales/ cheers Steve
  2. sloz1664

    It's Arrived, Oh Yesssss!

    Hi Andy, Don't worry about the "little pointy feet". Once you get a payload on it it won't budge. I certainly agree in getting the the beefier alt bolts as Ian suggests. EQ6 yahoo site is a good place to start. Steve
  3. sloz1664

    Canon eos 300d for imaging

    Hi Sion, Have a look at DSLRFocus. It's the ideal software to use with the Canon 300D. Download the manual and have a read. It's a brilliant bit of software. cheers Steve
  4. sloz1664

    DSLR or CCD?

    Hi Tony, As you have the 300D and have trouble focusing etc... have a look at DSLFocus a brilliant bit of software for setting up, focussing, previewing and capture of your images. It's the only astro software capable of accomodating the 300D effectively. cheers Steve
  5. Well done Nigel. Glad to see you are not afraid to improve on what is a superb scope. I am toying with the idea of getting one myself. How can I disguise it as a garden ornament though. Steve
  6. Nice one Andy. fountain of Tal knowledge, as always. One point, looking through the updated Tal website I noticed the 2" focal reducer was listed but not the 1.25" focal reducer. How odd, I would have thought the 1.25" would have been more popular. cheers Steve
  7. sloz1664

    Hello from Phoenix

    Hello from sunny Nottingham (well today anyway). Welcome to the SGL.
  8. sloz1664

    Hi from Tucson

    Hello from sunny Nottingham, welome to the SGL.
  9. sloz1664

    Hello from pete g7vhj

    Hi Pete and welcome to the SGL
  10. sloz1664

    Hi from Stoke on Trent

    Hello and welcome to the SGL. From a cloudless Derbyshire. But wait tilll tonight!!!!
  11. sloz1664

    Hi from North Lincolnshire

    Hello and welcome to the SGL. All the advise you will ever wish for is here, but it will depend on what qustions to ask. Be specific and the answers will come.
  12. sloz1664

    Hello from VA Penninsula

    Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  13. sloz1664

    Hello from Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Hi Charlie and welcom to the SGL, hope you find the telescope you've been waiting all this time for.
  14. sloz1664


    You cannot ever knock Tal equipment. Made to last, built by the Soviet military. I sold my TAL 2 mount to Heathenwoods, but would never ever part with my TAL200K 8.5 f/l. Top quality.
  15. sloz1664

    e-petition - stargazing

  16. Have a look on Astronomyshed forum. There is an in-depth DSS processing feature using the M42 as an example. Should help.. cheers Steve
  17. sloz1664


    Hi there, Anyone know if DSLRFocus is still available to buy? I have a canon 300D and need a good cheap software package to focus & shoot, this needs to support the Canon 300D, which will run in XP only. cheers Steve
  18. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    Just a had a bit of a shock. Went to place an order for two Spur Gears from HPC Gears..... Total cost £37.21. That's nearly the price of two full motors from Yuri. Considering you have to split the gearbox & fix it back together, which, as Max points out, could require three new pillars it's not viable. At present with Yuri's help motors are still available, if this dries up then HPC Gears would be an option. As yet no reply from motor - semz regarding the Tal motors. Steve
  19. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    Sorry about that Alistair. I had ordered from Yuri before and it was a simple "repeat order". You are probably wondering why I seem to go through so many motors. I had previously ordered two motors. On fitting the first motor I only just "nipped" the screws on the motor bracket, prior to any final adjustment. Set the axis for a timed one hour, to check if the clutches were correctly set, came back 15 mins later to hear an unpleasent clicking sound. The bracket had moved jamming the gears and resulted in the dreaded damaged final cog. The second motor I damaged unaware that hand-controlling the mount while having the motor running DOES damage the final cog. Best if you purchase two motors, you will then have a spare. Don't think, due to my misfortunes they are flimsy little things. They are Russian made. Built to last. Unless you're name is Steve. If you require any details on how to obtain the motors, let me know. Regards the HPC front. I will contact them to obtain total cost of the Cog. If reasonable I will order one, but I am a little uncertain on how to clamp the unit back together. Will have to think on that one..... Cheers Steve
  20. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    I have had a reply from HPC Gears Ltd. The part number GO.4-32-SO4 Spur Gear (includes boring to 4mm) would replace the damaged drive cog. Price £12.18 + vat & delivery. I have had one reply from Yuri, although he has sent two emails. I have sent three further emails, including western union funds for two motors - cost £45.50 (includes shipping) sent 21st Jan and, as yet, had no replies. Nor has Yuri collected the Western Union deposit. I will let you know on the proceedings. cheers Steve
  21. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    Hi All, Have checked the Final Cog and can confim with Andy the OD is 13.5mm, 32 teeth and a bore of 4mm. The shaft is always knurled to "key" the cog when it is pressed home. What you see inside the bore of the cog is the staked markings from the shaft. I would be happy to use HPC ref: GO.4-32 cog it is thicker than the existing Tal cog and therefore more robust. I have my doubts on the current cog, in my opinion it's too thin, it's drive cog is chamfered and because of this does not mate fully across the width of the teeth of the final cog. As a precaution, just in case the tooth profiles are diffrent with both the Tal & HPC cogs, I will send one of my damaged cogs to HPC, later today. NB: I have sent an email to motor - semz regarding the Tal motors. Steve
  22. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    Hi Andy, Excellent link. I will strip down one of my old clock drives and measure the final cog, hopefully it will be similar. I will post the exact sizes for the existing cog and also send a drawing to HPC gears for them to quote. cheers Steve
  23. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    Hi Andy, Yes it's the final cog that's knackered. I now have three...... It is the one weak link in such a cracking little clock drive. The final two cogs should have been case hardened, to toughen them up somewhat. I will send a further email to Yuri and live in hope... cheers Steve
  24. sloz1664

    TAL-1M motor gearbox woes

    I have now a similar problem. I need a new gearbox for my Tal2 Mount (mashed teeth). I have contacted Yuri but not had a reply in 10 days. Is he still dealing with Tal spares or has his email changed for any reason. I last contacted him 8 months, with no problem. cheers Steve ago
  25. Welcome to the SGL Pavel. Breathtaking views, absolutely stunning. Unfotunately views I can only dream of. I do not have the time or patience to attempt astrophotography. Mark 1 eyeballs only, let the brain do the processing & the mind do imaging.........

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