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  1. shortsdx2


    Thanks everyone for the great welcome and advice. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions before AND after I've decided on a scope.
  2. shortsdx2


    Thanks everyone! Apologies for what might be a silly question, but regarding the Explorer 150p - is there a dob mount that works with this scope?
  3. shortsdx2


    Hi. Just thought I'd say "hello". I'm in the process of deciding on which first scope to buy and have already learnt A LOT from SGL (thanks everyone!). As the scope will be used by myself (mainly) but also with my six-year-old daughter who is quite interested in the night sky, I'm struggling to choose between the SkyWatcher Heritage 130p (which I think will be easier for us to view things together with) and the SkyWatcher Explorer 130p (which given it is only £30 more seems better overall value with the EQ mount) while also salivating over the SkyScraper 130 SynScan GoTo (above my budget) and the 150p (which many people seem to suggest would be a better option given the greater light gathering potential). Would love to know your thoughts / recommendations / alternatives. Thanks.
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