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  1. I ordered my telescope from FLO about a month ago and they were simply faultless. Delivered within 2 days of ordering and when I phoned customer service to ask some questions I spoke to someone straight away who gave me an immediate answer. I did have a damaged plastic cup (for covering the polar scope connector), which I emailed customer support about and received a prompt reply and replacement part with apologies within a week of reporting it. 100% reccommended
  2. Hi I'm planning on collimating my telescope for the first time tomorrow (very scary ). I have a cheshire tube, but have noticed all the best guides (including Astrobaby's) appear to be using and showing diagrams of a simple collimation cap. Am I right in thinking they both work the same and that the diagrams used in Astrobaby's guide, for example, should be identical to what I see looking down a cheshire tube, except for the targeting reticle that is projected? My question is basically is using a cap exactly the same and visually the same as a cheshire tube except for the reticle to help align everything?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. That java app is great and I was definitely seeing Titan. Couldn't make out any other moons, something to look forward to next time! Perhaps the moon was too bright to make out any others?
  4. So I had my second session last night and how brilliant it was with the crystal clear skies! The so called "supermoon" was spectacular last night. The detail round the limb was amazing and seeing Tycho properly was pretty cool. I finally saw saturn for the first time last night and it blew me away. I impressed even myself by finding it in my finderscope almost instantly and seeing those rings as you increase the mag is epic. Quite small, but the thought of seeing this planet all that distance away with my own eyes was what really did it for me. I think I could make out the shadow of the rings on the surface too. One thing I wasn't sure of was if I was seeing titan. There was a pinprick of light constantly to the left of saturn, which I initially though was titan. Then I began to wonder because it seemed quite a long way away from saturn relative to its size and didn't seem to be moving around saturn. Was this just a star?
  5. Thanks guys New scope is amazing. Had my second session last night and the skies were crystal clear. "Supermoon" and saturn were incredible. I lasted around 3 hours until the cold got me!
  6. I got round to trying out the Petzl Headlamp TIKKA PLUS ² green: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools last night and am very pleased with my purchase. It's very comfortable to wear and also the angle of the torch can be moved for example if I want to read something it can be pointed downwards etc. The white LED is very strong and bright, which is great for setting up or if you hear a scary noise in the dark and just have to have a check! The red LED is excellent. It's dull, so hardly affects night vision, but still very easy to read and change eyepieces. Highly reccommended.
  7. I do try Only problem is it's going to be freeeeeeeezing tonight!
  8. steveyschoice


    Hi all I just realised you all gave me some great help & advice with my new scope and I never said a proper hello, so hello! This is a great forum and you all gave me some great help and still are. Looking forward to my second night out tonight. Hoping to catch saturn for the first time and might try for the orion nebula, although with the full moon might be a challenge!
  9. BBC weather was saying clear sky for me Friday, Saturday & Sunday night, but its changed to part cloud except for Sunday. Damn. I hope it changes back I want to see Saturn & the orion nebula for the first time! I spose I might see some with part cloud, but it was looking so good
  10. Following up on this point there's a famous quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein "if a lion could speak, we would not be able to understand him." Basically its experiences, life and culture would be so vastly different from ours, even if it spoke using English it would be full of references we just could not comprehend. If we ever received a signal from an extraterrestrial race, it's quite probable it would just be nonsensical other than perhaps something universal like mathematics.I definitely believe in extraterrestrial life of some kind. Microscopic for sure and somewhere there must be life on the scale of mammals for example. Intelligence though is complicated. Consciousness, intelligence and the compacity for technological advancement could just be something that developed by complete almost impossible luck thanks to certain events that occurred thoughout earths history. Whatever the answer I still like to think that somewhere in the universe someone or should I say something is pondering these very same questions!
  11. Thanks for the feedback e621keith. The company in general seem to have good products and feedback. I've decided to go for the squared simply because it was slightly cheaper & I also thought it looked kinda cool! Once I've tried it out I'll let you know what I think.
  12. Ah! Thanks tbird. That picture was really helpful. All sorted :-)
  13. Any ideas what these are, where they go & whether I should be using them? Forgot I had these leftover and had just put them to one side
  14. Hi all I've found a couple of threads on Petzl for the following product: Petzl TAC Tikka Plus (4LEDs) Headtorch Black E49P: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure However, I've also been looking at this one, which looks like a newer model and also slightly cheaper: Petzl Headlamp TIKKA PLUS ² green: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools I just wondered if anyone has used the above and would reccommend it?
  15. Hi guys sorry for this contant posting. Barlow issue is sorted, it was an extremely tight fitting and very well hidden dust cap! I'm already looking forward to the next clear night when I can actually try it out. Thanks for all your help with my myriad of questions. I hope in future to post my experiences and perhaps help out people who had similar problems as mine! :-)
  16. Wow so I've just had a good look at the moon for the first time and what a magnificent sight! Completely breathtaking. I was especially pleased that my finder scope was perfectly aligned :-) I was hoping to try & find the orion nebula as well, but unfortunately the moon was just above orion and its brightness was preventing me from seeing orion clearly, but something too look forward to another time. I just need a nice clear Friday night when I don't have work the next morning! Now I must admit I have a slightly embarrassing problem and I apologise in advance for possibly being a complete idiot, but I couldn't get the barlow to work. The thinner end won't fit in the focuser (marginally to wide). Part of the bottom does screw off and then fit, but that contains the lens. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Not to sound too excited but I see sky! Hopefully I can get out soon & have my first go! *Crosses fingers*
  18. Thanks for all the help guys. I hate having pieces left over that I don't know about! I couldn't get it to fit to the focuser, but was only a quick check. I'll tuck it away somewhere for now. I hope I can get some clear sky tonight. Yesterday was a write off. Just itching to kick off! :-D
  19. I've attached 3 more pictures. One is without the protective cap & the other is from the opposite side where it is threaded. I guess what I need to know is should this be attached to my scope or do I not need to worry about it? I have looked over the scope & there's no where obvious where it would go. In the third picture (the focuser & eyepiece) I have tried unscrewing but the object does not fit as the thread is on the inside so can't screw on as oposed to the outside and dosn't fit the other way round either. Tis a mystery!
  20. Hi Snarks. Wow I must have ordered mine just before the price increase! I have the £239 version and it did not come with the crayford focuser. Not sure what sort of advantage having this would provide. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm feeling a little better now! brantuk should this "eyepiece holder or adaptor" be on my scope as when I aligned the finderscope outside the scope was working fine with a 10mm eyepiece? Or as palebluedot said is it a camera adaptor? The specs for the product do state "Direct SLR camera connection". I wonder if that's what it is?
  21. Hi Thanks for all the feedback. I've worked out what a couple of pieces are for and have attached photo's of 2 that I'm unsure of. One is identical to the mounting plate that the scope hinges are attached to that is then screwed into the mount. The other looks protection related. In storage when no eye pieces are in the scope there is obviously an open hole. Perhaps is it used for protection here?
  22. OK so I've set up my telescope. It's very large lol! I seem to have 2 pieces left over which is strange, but from looking at them they don't seem important. Perhaps they're used for the GOTO version? Anyway it seems to be secure & move properly so that's the most important. I had a quick peek down the cheshire tube and it looks a tad off, but not enough for me to worry about right now. I must admit I'm quickly feeling a little out of my depth. The coordinates thing on the mount looks complicated and I'm struggling with just general movement of the scope on the mount, although I guess this is something I will get better at the more I use it. Will the mount operate fine on a slight grass slope? This is the optimal place for me to position the scope to see anything decent. I was thinking off just putting plastic bags around each foot of the mount so it doesn't get muddy. In terms of eyepieces, is there set order in which I should work up from? For example being with the 10mm, then move up to 25mm, then use the barlow? Finally seeing that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed what's something easy to start off with? I might have some time to view (weather pemitting) in South East England at around midnight. Thanks guys
  23. Good news my telescopes arrived! Bad news I probably wont have time to set it up until the weekend :-( Couple of questions - I'm not particularly great at putting things together. How long should I allow for assembly based on this? Should I be checking collimation straight away or can I afford to do some viewing and leave this for a bit?
  24. I ordered last night and spoke to First Light Optics today who told me that my telescope will be arriving tomorrow. I wasn't expecting to receive it that quick! I can't wait to get going! I just hope I get some clear sky over the weekend!
  25. Hi Dan thanks for that. I wasn't planning on getting the GOTO I just wanted to make sure the standard one still came with a mount/tripod. Can't wait to get going!
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