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  1. Hi Guys i just received my new Bins (Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70) so as with the norm expect very poor viewing conditions tonight!! p.s. just had a quick look at the mountain range opposite me and i must say they seem like a very good purchase already.
  2. Just stumbled upon this photo!! APOD: 2011 April 5 - The Milky Way Over Tenerife Its an amazing photo but just confuses my brain. Any thoughts?
  3. 4.72 for me but difficult to pinpoint the valley i live in.
  4. Sounds like a amazing night. Im still to attend a star party myself can wait to get out there and meet like minded people.
  5. Just immediately jumped on ebay only to be met with the usual £17 - £20 prices. Was yours new or 2nd hand?
  6. I explained my issue to my wife today who made a point of showing me where i had 2 spare batterys for this exact issue. Seems i had forgotten about them. I have now purchased and fitted an additional spotter scope so hopefully this wont be a problem again.
  7. Ah well in typical fashion the night was a non event. It would seem that i left my red dot finder on and have drained the battery I did get a nice view of Pleaides again but it was little consolation. Better luck next time hey..
  8. Just found this http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-monthly-guides/132303-march-2011-celestial-calendar-observing-notes-c-o-dave-mitsky.html never seen it before what a great resouce!
  9. So Guys n Gals tonight im hoping to polar allign correctly for the 1st time. Im hoping to have a good few hours observing time any suggestions as to what i should check out 1st? Ive already seen M42 and Pleiades and the moon of course. Also seen a very blurry Juipeter with 3 of the moons. I got a 5" Reflector with x2 Barlow, 25mm and 10mm ep's. My View is restricted from the SE by a mountian, but clear and dark in all other directions. I got a EQ mount and am able to use it correctly via RA and Dec just need to know whats good viewing at the moment. I will be obsverving from 9pm onwards. Cheers in advance
  10. I showed my 4 yr old the ISS flying over last week. She has convinced herself it was a alien spaceship and has been telling all her friends.
  11. Hi Mate, Thanks for the nice wecome. Due to my location in a valley Saturn has alluded me so far thanks to a tree line and mountain (i thinks its visable from about midnight onwards for me atm but cant wait to get a glimpse).
  12. Yeah I got Stellarium last night great bit of software.
  13. Hi all, firslty let me just say I am a complete amature who is struggling against a mamoth learning curve. I got my 1st Scope (a Celeston 130 eq with the standard 25mm and 10mm eye pieces. Also got a Moon Filter and a x2 Barlow.) Oh and a Phillips Planisphere. I have only had one session so far and have observed Pleiades (i Think, too many stars to know for sure) and M42 (which was impressive) Jupiter is just a shaky white dot atm but not used my Barlow on it yet. The Moon, well its an amazing object that i could watch for hours!. I have not attempted to polar align yet but i will attemt it on my next session. I have been using The Star Walk Iphone app to navigate which is amazing cant recommend it enough!! I have found this forum to be an amazing resourse so far. Evertime i google a question it always links here. In keeping with tradition i have owned my scope for 3 weeks and am already suffering with serious kit envy!!
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