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  1. Hi James, I ordered Making every photon count yesterday as I can see almost every person on here recommending it! I will have a good read about what kit I need before I jump into anything. Thanks! Matt
  2. Hi, Malc, Nexus, many thanks for your comments they are very helpful. I think I will have to have a good research session and a long think before I rush into anything. A quick question about the Phillips webcam - Do you know what software you use in conjunction with this cam? Thanks again!
  3. Whoa, i'm from Broseley ! That's great, I will look at the possibilities of selling my mount and getting a HEQ5 as this does sound very interesting many many thanks!!
  4. D'oh! - I meant as it's been cloudy recently i've found myself using my evenings to read up on astrophotography! That'll teach me eat and post at the same time! Yes, I was playing with the idea of a getting webcam and getting used to some planetary shots first and then move onto DSO's in the future - Any thoughts on the Celestron Neximage? I thought at £120 I could perhaps just put that towards a better scope in the first place? Thanks Matt
  5. Hello! Apologies I havn't posted in such a long time been so busy as of late. I have a Celestron Nexstar 6se which I do love dearly however as the nights have been very cloudy round Shropshire recently, i've found myself really wishing to try out astrophotography. I already own a Canon DSLR, so no worries about the camera for now. The problem i'm having is, as most beginner's no doubt, the more I look into it the more confused I get! My main questions are, do I: 1) Keep my OTA, sell the mount and get a decent EQ 2) Sell the Nexstar in its entirety and buy a package OTA + mount 3) Sell the nexstar and buy a seperate OTA and seperate mount 4) Reflector or refractor? If I sold my nexstar my budget would be perhaps up to £800 so if anyone has any feedback and some potential ideal scopes to look into it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Matt
  6. Hi! I purchased my first telescope a couple of months ago (Celestron Nexstar 6se) and I am finding astronomy every bit as exciting as I knew I would After looking into astrophotography I feel that I would love to give it ago, therefore after a couple of weeks searching for which camera to buy I now have more questions then when I initially started ! So hopefully the lovely people at stargazers lounge might be able to give me a hand. I understand the additional costs of t rings, t adapters, expandable memory etc etc but the actual camera and what I am specifically looking for is eluding me. I will mainly be using the camera for astrophotography, however I will inevitably use it as a regular camera so a lens included with the camera would be ideal as this would probably work out cheaper. My main requirements are: Absolute Maximum budget for camera + Lens £500 Video (preferably 1080p but not essential) Good range of peripherals for the future So basically I think i've narrowed it down to either the Nikon D3100 (£400 from Jessops) or the Canon 500D (£448 B4U Cameras) both with 18-55mm lenses included. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  7. Hey, thanks again for all the welcomes OK well i've had the telescope out for my second night and results have been a bit hit and miss. I did the skyalign and it seemed to work fine, tracked fine to the andromeda galaxy first time (wow!) then to orion nebula (wow again!), however when I then tried to track to pleiades it just slewed mid speed up and left and wouldnt stop so I had to manually cancel the tracking? I turned the goto off and on, did the skyalign procedure again, found the orion nebula first time, then tried tracking to another object and again it slewed up and left and wouldnt stop...same again third time! Is anybody aware of this problem? Unfortunately I can't do any more gazing tonight but maybe a factory reset tomorrow night will help? Also, when I first looked at the andromeda galaxy an object moved fast through the field of view, it had no tail and was fairly bright. any ideas what this could be? a satellite?? Anyway big thanks again Matt
  8. hey everyone thanks very much for the warm welcomes Graham, i'm near Telford how about you? Matt
  9. Hello, Just a brief intro and hello to everyone. After many years of interest in astronomy I have finally purchased my first telescope. It is a Celestron Nexstar 6se. I have had the telescope for 3 weeks now and have only had one good clear night, but what a fantastic first night that was! Please be kind to me as I am a complete novice! Thanks Matt
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