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  1. Hello All, I've recently been rediscovering my joy of stargazing with my eight year old son. I bought us a 10" reflector for Christmas and have been adding accessories ever since! I imagine we'll add a second scope to our collection a little later on when we decide to do some imaging. For right now we have setup a really nice observatory which is also portable as we do a fair amount of camping. The shelter really helps extend our viewing time up here in the cold and frigid "Great White North". Here is Carpe Noctem Observatory braving the cold Michigan winter: Inside Carpe Noctem; notice how cozy it is in here with my newest addition, the carpet! A month or so of setting up the scope before sunset and then braving sub zero temps combined with wind chill effect became old fast! The observatory is an absolute must for anyone who wants to do any "spontaneous" viewing. If I happen to wake at 3am in the morning and check outside to see if it is clear; I'll consider popping on the snow suit, gloves and hat and head on out to the observatory with nothing more than my eyepieces in hand to enjoy viewing within 5 minutes of setup. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you. I'll also be asking for your help from time to time. It has been a long time since I have gazed at the stars so I have a fair amount of brushing up to do! Cheers, and wishing y'all clear skies (I sure could use some!)
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