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  1. had to order a pair , what size telescope ?? i had to send my ordered ones back as too small and reorder , i am willing to sell the spare one when they turn up for no profit only Including postage as i only need the one maybe a way forward for other members who want to do this mod
  2. can anyone tell me the size for the tube ring hinge bolt ,i read that these are m4 but they are way too small i am replacing the bolts and countersinking the heads as per astrobaby rotating ring project many thanks
  3. I have the wo quick release base fixed to a generic self adhesive mount I'll have a go at making some shims unless anyone wants a swap for a decent red dot finder Thanks for the reply
  4. i bought a William optics RDF off fleabay with the intention of mounting it to a skywatcher reflector it came with the vertical leg but no base , i found a self adhesive base and stuck it next to the finder scope when i try to align the RDF there dosnt seem to be enough travel in the grub screws and i run out of thread before i get enough elevation/depression what am i doing wrong?? many thanks
  5. just attached a nikon d5000 dslr to a Sw 200pds pds to get a few pictures of the moon i attached the nikon direct to the focuser and have a few questions had no metering control and only shutter speed via manual mode (camera kept reporting a lens error) the resulting image was quite small but very sharp , could crop and zoom in but quality reduced above A5 so to get a bigger image are my only options to fit a barlow or as i have a high quality 200mm f2.8 should i just piggyback the camera and lens and would i get better results many thanks
  6. just looking on skywatcher site and found a new beta firmware with option to polar align via eyepiece rather than polar scope basically once you have done a 2/3 star alignment there is a new menu for polar align which gives you a list of stars ,choose one and the scope slews to it , if its not central in the eyepice you then centre it via the mount adjustments (handset control of motors disabled) i havnt tried this just wondered if anyone had?
  7. many thanks all , informative and humourous as always like the look of that tube rotating ring system
  8. keep seem to mess up the alignment when i rotate the tube for eyepiece position for my vertically challanged wife,i slacken the holding rings and then rotate whilst trying to stop the tube sliding through the rings. should you completly remove the tube or is there a better way SW200pds on eq5
  9. i had major problems with my goto upgrade kit ,kept point through the earths crust , mine was a **** up on the dec gear when i assembled it changed gear round and works perfect now if you still have problems and your setup data is correct then check that ,ill send a link with pics that show correct assemble
  10. i was just reading about taking hundreds of 5sec exposures , do you do this manually with a remote or on a timer cheers
  11. many thanks all great response i purchased some bst explorer eyepieces and apart from i find them difficult to focus unless the object is dead centre they seem ok cheers
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