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  1. took this new years eve just messing about from hotel balcony waiting for my wife to get ready!! any one know what the streak off light is top right many thanks ian
  2. Fantastic image didn't realise it was still so visable! Will have to have a look when there is some clear skies!!!
  3. Thanks Haha washing line!!! Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
  4. Can only think of brilliant!!! Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
  5. first time this year ive done any imaging as im still new to this and still doing just widefield!!!! stack of 10 lights 4 darks iso 800 10 sec exsposures hope you like thanks ian
  6. Sorry about the photo guys Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi everyone I have this mount and would like to add motor drives to it. with it being an older model can anyone recommend what and where I could get motors for it many thanks ian Sent from my BlackBerry 9300 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi everyone I'm going to try some planet imaging with a spc900nc would it be possible and what sort of results would I get with a 70mm 900mm celestron refractor tracking on a EQ5?i will be using sharp cap how many frames does anyone suggest on Jupiter and any advice on processing the image after being stacked in registax?many thanks Ian
  9. Thanks guys seems one will do it will post and let you know how I get on many thanks Ian
  10. Hi everyone looking good here for clear skies in oswestry tomorrow morning so hopefully going to try for the first time with EQ 5 and canon 300d and lenses m42 or maybe m45! What I would like to know is do I need to use the counter weights when mounting just my dslr on? Many thanks and clear skies for you all Ian
  11. Hi everyone could you add goto to this mount if so how and at what cost many thanks Ian
  12. James they r great cant wait to get going!!!
  13. Thanx James I have a range of lenses up to 200 mm will give them a try when weather clears!!! Do you have any images you could show me taken with your lenses please? So I can get an idea of what is possible Ian
  14. hi everyone I bought this secondhand at the weekend to start some astrophotography with my dslr and lenses. Could anyone tell me about the mount and is it good for my setup with my dslr and lenses wot size lens could I go up to. And long subs could I take any tip and advice would be great thanks Ian
  15. Bought this today secondhand with tube rings and dovetail bar would like some feed back on it and wot sort of views I will get through it compared to my 6" dob? Also as I don't have a mount for it which one would be best or the very least as funds r limited after buy this!!!for visual use Many thanx Ian
  16. also took this last year sometime with my Pentax k1000 and fuji superia 400 @ 50mm 3.5 not sure of the exposure tho! just thought I would share it and see what u think:)
  17. took this quite a while back now can't remember when! I know I took it on my Pentax k1000 on fuji superia 400 at 50mm 3.5 but not sure on exposure time! thought I would scan it and see what I came up with and have ran it through ps but have not got a clue what i am doing! if any of you would like a go that's fine with me:) thanks Ian
  18. just joined the dob mob to! skywatcher skyliner 150p hope I will get some great views with it when weather clears here in north Wales!was hoping to get a 200p but with a third baby on the way my wife said no!
  19. thanks just looked at some of my notes and it was 15sec!
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