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  1. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Thanks John, had an enjoyable evening and saw M37, M42, Saturn and some others and best of all saw the ISS and Shuttle pass overhead just as I arrived.
  2. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    So I've decided on some Celestron 15x70s and a Vanguard Alta Pro 263at tripod and Vanguard SBH-100. Also bought a metal L bracket so reckon I'm ready to rock and roll.......... or at least stand quietly in the garden looking upwards.
  3. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Thanks for the heads up John I thought I'd missed this one, I'll give them a call today to get booked on it, lovely clear day today so fingers crossed it continues onto tonight. I'll have to get home early and dig out the handwarmers, gloves, hat and flask as I feel it may be a bit chilly.
  4. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Good to know there are so many people close by. Please let me know if there is anything happening in the area (outings etc) or anyone wants to show me the ropes. Cheers Dr W
  5. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Not far from Bristol just 10 miles down A370. That Skymount looks awesome if not a little expensive, I can see why this can quickly become an expensive hobby.
  6. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Thanks guys I'll definitely have a look at the binocular section as trying to decide between some Celestron 15x70s or some Helios 20x90s. Have a feeling there's some serious research going tone done. Is there a section on tripods as I find that a confusing area I want one I can sit down with and tall enough so I can stand. I think I'll have to do some searches. If anyone knows of any clubs or gatherings in the area please let me know. I think I've missed the one at Tyntesfield House this month.
  7. Dr W

    Hi all from Somerset

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
  8. Hi guys Just decided after lying on my back looking at stars while camping that I should learn a bit more and have a closer look. Going to buy some binoculars and a planisphere and see what I can see. Looking forward to learning from everyone on here. Cheers Dr W
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