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  1. I think all of the episodes are available on YouTube.
  2. We will be on a cruise which will be positioned off the coast of the Faroe Islands and very much hope the skies will be clear or else it will have been an expensive way to look at clouds! Having said that we are then going on to Iceland so at least the northern lights may put in an appearance.....
  3. Mine is a Sankey, I think, but any will do. They are designed to support a full water but so they are quite able to hold a Dob. I tend to use mine upside down as the base of my dob sits perfectly within the rim. It also fits the normal way up but you have to make sure that one of the feet on the dob base does not sit near the indent for the tap on the water but. I can't see any reason for adding water and, if you use it the normal way up, you can't as it has no bottom.
  4. If you bought your mount 'new' a year ago you will not have to polar align as the newer AZ Goto mounts do not require this. Having it level is important and I found that the bubble level was not that easy to see so I use a proper spirit level across the tray at various angles to get it spot on. I never have any major issues with alignment once this is done although the quicker you do it the better and this is purely a matter of the more you do it the easier and quicker it gets. It is also important to get the objects right in the centre. I use a 25mm to get it in view then quickly switch to a 10mm to fine tune before going to the second star. Before using the spirit level the second star was not always in view with the 10mm so I had to pop the 25mm back but with it level I find it usually is. Keep at it and it will soon become second nature!
  5. I found it quite difficult to focus when I first used a webcam as the slightest touch of the focuser made the image jump all over the place and this gets worse when you add a Barlow to get a decent size image. I eventually added an auto focuser which made things much easier. I can get focus manually but it really is a matter of keeping at it and making very small adjustments then waiting for the image to stabilise each time. Good luck and keep at it!
  6. brucen

    SynScan slewing

    Hi Mike and welcome to the Forum. You do have to know where a couple of stars when setting up. The easiest way to find a couple is to download Stellarium (freeware) and put in your location which will then give you an accurate picture of everything you will see in the night sky from your position. Once you have centred in on the first star manually, using the direction keys, select the second star that you know will be in view from the list given on the handset and the mount will skew to the approximate location of that star automatically. You then need to finely adjust to make sure it is dead centre and the quicker you do this the better but it takes a bit of time at first. It is best to use the 25mm eyepiece first to get a rough alignment and then change to the 10mm to make the fine adjustment as this will give you a much more accurate set up
  7. Have you tried just changing the name? With my Panasonic Video camera I can just right click the file and then change .mov to .avi and then save. There is a warning that the file may not save correctly but it always does and is then recognised as an avi file in other programs. Probably best to copy the original first if you try this - just in case something goes wrong!
  8. The AZ GOTO mount needs a longer plug than other mounts - I got mine from FLO. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/skytron-power-supply-cable-for-skywatcher-celestron-mounts.html
  9. I took mine from Google Earth which, on the version I have, shows them in the correct format.
  10. Also, check that you have the rubber O ring fitted onto the finderscope correctly as, without it in place, you may not be able to get the two in line.
  11. Mine screwed off but were very tightly fitted. . I actually took the focuser apart and gripped the bar in a vice in the end to avoid damaging anything as there is certainly thread lock on the Skywatchers as well.
  12. I use one with my 200P and think it is a great eyepiece for the price.
  13. I remember many years ago finding the late Sir Patrick's presentation style somewhat unorthodox and very hard to follow on occasions as he seemed to fit twice as much into each sentence as anyone else but still finished it before they had even started. I got used to it. If this was a barrier to making an interesting programme I doubt the Sky at Night would have lasted very long. I for one wish her well and hope that the content she delivers is interesting no matter how she presents it as, even if I do happen to find her style not to my personal taste, I will get used to it. A lot of effort went into saving the programme and I find it quite disheartening, especially for all those who put such effort into the campaign, to see negative comments starting before the first episode has even been recorded!
  14. I have had a few problems with Registax in the past and have found that removing it from the system and then reloading has helped.
  15. I don't think that the auto focuser will fit straight out of the box on the blue ones. I did look around before buying one and found this which might help if you want to try one. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/175240-skywatcher-auto-focuser-sw-explorer-130p.html
  16. It is certainly much easier with an auto focuser as there is virtually no vibration. I have one on my 130P but I don't think that it fits older 130P's without modification. Have you tried not fully extending the legs and putting a weight on the tray to improve stability? I found this was ok for moon shots and only really need the auto focuser for use with the webcam combined with a barlow where any movement is too much movement.
  17. I don't have a galley as I have not taken many pics this year for various reasons. I hope to be out again soon though so may start one once I get back in the swing!
  18. On my Dob I have put one between the focuser and viewfinder but set back a little further down the tube so the base would fit. Might look a bit strange but it seems fine.
  19. I have used one with my 130P AZ GOTO for 3 years and it is still fine. I do only use it for a couple of hours at a time but charge it after every use and top it up every couple of weeks if I haven't used it.
  20. This is the one I have. I have bought quite a few things from them and they have all been good quality and arrive quickly. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-4m-Coiled-Telephone-Handset-RJ10-Cable-Lead-Black-/200553785416?pt=UK_Phones_PhoneLeads_RL&hash=item2eb1efe848#ht_1724wt_993
  21. I have this one (had it 3 years so far!) and it looks like there are a few in stock in some places. Their main site doesn't seem to show them at all but I got this page from an old link if it's of any help.http://www.maplin.co.uk/3-in-1-portable-jumpstarter-383992
  22. I think RJ10 might also work as I see I bought a 6.4 metre RJ10 coiled lead off ebay for £2.49 earlier this year when I extended mine. Works fine and cheap as chips!
  23. This was first shown in 2009 so I would imagine that expectations of future missions will have dropped significantly since then as the recession has gone on so long.
  24. Luckily we tend to prefer our own company on holiday so the age thing is not too much of a problem. We did one cruise where there were a load of children - not against children as we have 2 ourselves - but on occasions it was hard to find somewhere quiet to sit and watch the world go by! We still have quite a few years before we reach the 70's so will be doing our bit to lower the average as well!!
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