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  1. This is ongoing, I managed to grab another 30-60 mins of data last night(Bortle 6 and pretty much a full moon last night), I will update these later. Only using a UV/IR filter.
  2. Interesting, just looking back and comparing June last year(DSLR) to February this year(ASI533 MC Pro), now hopefully I am a little better processing with PS and the DSLR pics only had about 1 hr of data, compared to the astro-camera with over 2 hrs of data.
  3. Morning I'm probably not the best person to ask and thank you. I have a dew shield, connected to the ASIAIR Pro and now, I have started to just collect more data, ie: previously I may have grabbed 30mins to 1hr of data for an object. But, now building on 2 hrs plus, plus I find shorter exposures don't seem to blow my stars out so much, so I do a mixture. I also downloaded ASI Studio with a FITS file viewer, in the old days(few months ago) I stacked everything, but now I quickly go through them and delete any with star trails or satellites etc. I use DSS, then PS, just taki
  4. Bit more data on Orion added(M42).
  5. I have started spending a bit more time on subjects and even using the FITS viewer to delete the ropey frames first before stacking.
  6. Thats pretty outstanding - nice work
  7. You should be able to get it lower, have you tried or it just does not appear on the pulldown list ? I'm also pretty new, but I always try to use a x2 Barlow if you have one and play with the histogram to get it away from the left(Blacks/darks) and no more than 80% along to the right. By reducing the ROI, it also enables you to whack up the FPS, I did manage over 500fps the other night(poor seeing mind) with my new ASI462MC with a small ROI. Raw8 and I still tend to stick with avi, although the experts use Ser
  8. Seeing as the weather is bad, I am going back through some video clips and stacking less frames, apart from the nasty artefact on the side, a bit more detail. Only 30 clips to go!
  9. Thank you. Part of me is thinking, right for planetary no more manual controlling to keep it on target(so a tick in the box), then I was assuming for DSO with a reducer so down to where you mentioning, I thought it would be fine especially if I was guiding! Sounds like more researching required.
  10. Dom thanks........I must admit I thought it would do better, is that with or without guiding.
  11. Wise words and my gut feelings are with you...........thank you
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