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  1. Hi John - nice work there - good to see you captured all three using your binos. All the best. Ed
  2. Hi Jarvo - nice report. I use that scope too - it's a very good instrument, especially on the moon, planets, doubles, globular clusters etc. I've had absolutely stunning views of the moon, just like floating over the surface looking down on craters. Thanks. Ed
  3. Hi there - there are benefits in both approaches. I've been using non-goto for a while and its been OK, but I think the type of tube is also relevant here. If you are using a short focal length refractor with a wide field of view, goto is less relevant as you are looking at a bigger area of the sky and for all except the really small stuff it's easy to find things through the eyepiece. If you have a long focal length instrument (MAK or Schmidt Cass) goto is potentially a great help as finding objects is more like a 'needle in a haystack job' with the small field of view and dimmer image. Hav
  4. Awesome image Nick - fantastic detail. Good work. Ed
  5. Hi there - I caught Mercury as well. It was low in the west, visible just before and after sunset. Difficult to see well, as the seeing low to the horizon is usually poor. I was using an 80mm short focal length refractor so not an ideal instrument. Anyway, it was good to see. I was trying to pick up the shape as well, but couldn't make out any crescent. All the best. Ed
  6. Hi Phil - I bought these off SGL because I wanted to try a bigger pair of binos (aperture-wise). I've been using the Meade/Lidl 10x50s for a while, however, a step-up to 63 or 70mm seemed necessary to get more deep sky work going. I don't know much about them but they are Meade 9x63mm, roof prism type. They are easy to handle even though somewhat bigger in physical size than the 50s. This looks like a fair review, but I can't be sure the model is exactly the same. Meade 9x63 - IceInSpace Hope that helps. Ed
  7. Hi - I didn't see this one, but I saw a fireball last autumn - a spectacular sight. Ed
  8. Hi Mick - thanks! I have to say I was a bit taken aback as well. I had to go back and have two or three looks, but it was definitely as described! I was very impressed, needless to say, with the binos. The sky was very good, low LP, and quite dark. I would love to use this pair of binos at a really dark site. I think the views would be awesome. Ed
  9. Hi there - very clear sky last night. Good transparent conditions with seeing fair. Great views of Pleiades, Double Cluster, Hyades. The real highlight of the night was being able to see Ludwig's Star, the one that lies beside Mizar and Alcor. It was possible to see the third star clearly, but it was very faint. A real treat in the 9x63 binos. This is the first time I've seen this with binoculars. Hope you all had a good evening. Ed
  10. Very very nice image of Saturn CW. Really good piece of work. Thanks. Ed
  11. Great drawing - excellent work. Thanks for putting a copy up on the site for us to see. Ed
  12. Hi all - went outside for a brief session last night. Probably the best night so far with the 9x63s. Sky was more transparent (could just about make out the Praesepe cluster by eye). Highlights included: NGC 869, 884: very nice Double Cluster - rich star field. M103: quite clear tonight but not as good as... NGC 663: this was very obvious tonight as a patch of starlight. First time through binos. Alpha Per (Mirfak): this was a glorious sight tonight - plenty of bright stars and looping chains. M34: very good sighting - clear patch of starlight. M36, 37, 38 - great sight - all three clusters w
  13. Thanks for the link - it looks like a very helpful programme. All the best to bino section! Ed
  14. Thanks Grant - all seems to have gone smoothly - well done. Ed
  15. Hi there - you'll enjoy the forum and support for your new hobby. Best wishes to you both. Ed
  16. Hi - big is not necessarily better with lens size either, as larger lens mean more glass and bigger binos, hence more weight. This means that they are difficult to hold up for more than a short period of time without neck and shoulder strain. I have just got some 9x63mm and this is just about the maximum for me with weight and size. I was surprised how much bigger 63mm binos were compared to 50mm. (Although they don't weigh that much more.) Ed
  17. Hi Glen - good report and nice work with 10x50s. I've tried to track down M81 and M82 in all sorts of optics but without success. You did well to get them in binos. I will have a go again next time I'm out. I think maybe LP does it for them down here. Maybe under dark skies.... Thanks. Ed
  18. I tried for Lulin with 9x63mm binos but no joy - mind you the transparency was poor that night. I might try again to see if I can get it before it disappears. Ed
  19. Hi - I really liked the images of Saturn. Great work. Ed
  20. Poor down here in east Devon. I've just packed up due to bad LP/transparency. It wasn't great last night but at least I could see something. I even had trouble finding the Pleiades! Mag 2 at best!! I could make out beta Umi but couldn't really see gamma. Good luck if you have some better skies. Ed
  21. Hi Amanda - you should be able to see all of these objects with 10x50s. On a good night in the autumn, winter, M31 will be very be very clear. It is best seen in a dark sky, with good transparent conditions. All the best Ed
  22. Good luck with the move Grant - thanks for all your efforts with the site. Ed
  23. Hi there - a clear night meant a chance to get out and have a look at the spring/late winter sky. I was using a pair of 9x63 Meade binos, bought off SGL. I have been using a pair of Meade/Lidl 10x50s for a long time, which are good, but I wanted a bit more light grasp. They're quite big binoculars, with long lens barrels, but for all that, easy to handle and not too heavy to hold up. Main objects included: M44 Praesepe - one of my favourite clusters at the heart of the Cancer constellation; M67 - a bit further south, near alpha Cnc, another open cluster but just a (large) smudge The head of th
  24. Glad you sorted it out. They are great binos for the price. I've had mine for a while and they're very good for the price. You'll enjoy them now you're not seeing double! Ed
  25. Hi there - this is a good development. I use binos and they are so handy for a quick view of the night sky - great to see a dedicated area of the site. Thanks for all the recent postings. Ed
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