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  1. Thanks Grant and all others involved - the new forum is great. Glad that I am now back on line with it. All the best. Ed
  2. Hi - I have this scope mounted on a manual eq5. I think it's a great scope, esp. for Moon, planets, double stars, globulars etc, anything fairly bright and compact. The scope itself is easy to handle. The focuser is OK, but there is some mirror shift, but it's not a major problem, except at high mags. I use a helical focuser which gives a very smooth accurate response, once the main focus is done with the in-built focuser. I would highly recommend the scope if you want to look at the types of objects above. Eed
  3. Hi there - what more is there to say - an absolutely exceptional image. That new tube is really top class for capturing these DSOs. Immense!! Thanks. Ed
  4. These bins are great - I've got the Meade version, but I think the Bressers are pretty much the same. Very good to use for astronomy. Ed
  5. Hi Mark - welcome to the SGL - I use my binos a lot too - excellent for observing the night sky. Enjoy the forum. Ed
  6. I had heavy dew down my way, but not a bad night. Got pretty cold and I've just packed up. The sky was fairly good, about average I'd say. Ed
  7. Nice pic Billy - I saw the conjunction pretty much like your photo - it was a great sight. Thanks. Ed
  8. Hi - I saw these two on the way home from work as well. A really beautiful sight. Got the scope out hoping for a clear night, but sadly, the transparency has just dropped away. Seeing average, transparency poor - time to pack up! We've got fog due in soon so that's put paid to the night sky. Ed
  9. Hi - that's interesting - I've not thought of doing that - I can't quite visualise it however - what's happening with the third leg of the tripod. Is it still on the ground? Ed
  10. Hi - I've got the Equinox 80, bought off Solar B on the forum. I've got to say that it is beautifully built and is exceptionally well engineered. I know it's not exactly the same as your scope, but it's from the same stable, and I think you'll be very happy with your 120. I have had a brief look at the 80ED Pro (gold one) and it wasn't in the same league in terms of finish and engineering quality. Probably still excellent visually, but the Equinox has stepped the game up into another league. Ed
  11. Hi - great sketches - thanks for sharing them. Ed
  12. Hi - just had the apo out down in Devon. I wanted to get a look at the moon through this scope. Excellent views of the near full moon. However, the rest was rubbish with poor transparency due to thin high cloud and fairly poor seeing. Packed up after about 30 mins. Hope you are having a better time! Ed
  13. Very nice scope. Good buy! Thanks for the pix. Ed
  14. Hi Did any one manage to catch this, visually or imaging? We've had very poor skies down here in Devon. Clouds have only just cleared tonight, after heavy rain. Ed
  15. asteria

    Hello Folks

    Hi there - welcome to SGL. You can go a long way as a beginner with some simple 10x50 binos. On a good clear night they can be a great enhancement to a night's observing. Enjoy your hobby. Ed
  16. Nice work Deneb! That MAK must be a good little scope. Ed
  17. Hi there - I saw this listing too! Huge scope. They started bidding at 99p!! I'll stick with binos for the time being. Ed
  18. Looks very promising for this new scope. Let's hope some clear skies come along soon. Ed
  19. Hi - I've just set up a spreadsheet to do this. But haven't had a chance to complete it yet due to bad skies. I tried to do a database but it's a bit more complex than a spreadsheet. Ed
  20. Hi - I use the 9mm TMB planetary and it is very good. Very sharp. Good build quality too. Ed
  21. It's a good site - quite comprehensive really, and the reviews seem reasonably balanced. Ed
  22. Hi there - welcome to SGL - the street light idea would be great, even if they could be dimmed it would be helpful. Hope you enjoy your visits here. Ed
  23. Hi - interesting thread - I've been thinking of doing this, but for visual work - dual mounting a SW MAKCASS 150mm and either a SW ST120 or SW Equinox 80ED. The idea being going wide with the refractors, then getting higher mag with the MAK on suitable objects like double stars. I'm using a CG-5 manual mount. Any thoughts? Ed
  24. Hi Billy - astonishing images - absolutely first rate work. Love them all. Ed
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