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  1. I have the 200P and EQ5 GOTO mount and would suggest that if you wish to try astrophotography then go for the HEQ5 as a minimum as the EQ5 is at "its limits" weight wise. Neil
  2. Kev I agree with what Chris says above with the exception of on my set up I use Ctrl + F1 to slew (GOTO) and Ctrl + F3 to Sync Neil
  3. Hi Eastridge Do you mean you cannot get sharp focus AFTER your husband has focussed the object ? If that is the case you will have to adjust the focus on the scope yourself. Hope that helps Neil
  4. Rich I dont know if you have a small engineering firm near you but internet search will show any. I had a similar problem and found a firm who made me a longer stainless steel counterweight bar for £35 and only took 3 days to do it. Neil
  5. Thanks Tinker and 1981 suede I will give this a go if the clouds clear tonight. Neil
  6. I wonder if anyone can help me with a focus problem I am having. I bought a skywatcher ST80 as a guide scope. When I attach it to my web camera (Philips SPC900NC) and use PHD for tracking the only way I can achieve focus is by having the diagonal fitted and a 2X barlow then the webcam. Tracking is ok BUT by having to use the Barlow I am cutting down my field of view. Has anyone else come across this "problem" or is there a way to cut out the Barlow ? Neil
  7. Quatermass Fantastic images. I have the same set up and was getting star trailing at times but believe my balance was fine in RA and dec but had not considered rotating the tube to get balance better with camera attached. Will try again and hope for better results. I was going to answer original question with " Go for a HEQ5 or NEQ6 " but you have shown it can be done. Thanks Neil
  8. When you say it is about an inch off target could this be equal to 15 degrees ? If it is it could be that you are using summer time as 1 hour off is equivalent to 15 degrees. Just a thought. Neil
  9. Agree with Tim. I got the Logitech and it works perfectly. Neil
  10. With my 200P and a camera fitted on an EQ5 Synscan it is at its maximum and I believe on an HEQ5 also resulting in star trailing on long exposures so definitely the NEQ6 Neil
  11. Thank you for the reply Tribal-Wolf and nightfisher Neil
  12. This may sound a stupid question but I am confused. I want to receive private messages. In Control Panel under Settings and Options I chose Edit Options In Messaging and Notifications under Private Messaging I have ticked the box "Enable Private Messages" but the message above it starts "If you do not want........ Have I done the set up correctly by ticking this box ? Neil
  13. if it is any help to you I bought a Keyspan USB to Serial adapter and it works on my Vista and Windows 7 machines. Neil
  14. I do not know the nexstar 6se but I would not think that stellarium would control via the auto guide socket. I use Stellarium Scope, Stellarium, EQMOD then via the USB adapter to the synscan socket. Dont know if this helps sorry. Neil
  15. I had to use a barlow lens fitted into the focuser and then the T piece into the barlow to get focus. Hope that helps. Neil
  16. I use Stellarium, Stellarium Scope, the latest ASCOM drivers and EQMOD as well as the Keyspan software for the USB to serial adappter. If you are still having problems you can PM me. Neil
  17. Mark A basic calculation is to discharge a battery to 60% Depth of Discharge (DOD) so you will not get 3.5 hours out of your battery drawing 2 Amps. Your battery will not be drawing 2 Amps steadily as that would be probably a peak reading slewing at max rate. I assume drawing 1 Amp averaged out over a session (Combination of Slewing and normal drive) and with a 7 A/H Battery at 60% DOD it should last just over 4 hours on a new fully charged battery. Personally I would go for a sealed lead acid battery with at least 20 A/H capacity and if you are thinking of later adding dew heaters etc. go for alarger capacity. Low temperatures will cause the battery actual capacity to drop. Neil
  18. I dont know if it is the best but I have had no problems using SharpCap Neil
  19. My first scope was a Seben which I promptly returned as it was not what was advertised in the sale. They were good about it and I had no problems but NO to a Seben. Neil
  20. If you have a 500mA fuse installed and draw 750 mA you could blow the fuse. As Nosivad states the cable may not be able to handle the current surges when slewing and get warm. Best to get a sealed lead acid battery which you can recharge from a car battery charger. If your mount is drawing 750 mA and assuming 60% Depth of Discharge a 7 A/H battery will last around 5.5 hours. Attach your battery to the mount using a good connector lead and all should be ok.Hope this helps. Neil
  21. Steppenwolf My comment was that in my opinion you did not give Gaz any advice but just confirmed what he already knew. I thought the others that followed did try to help. This is Beginners Help and Advice and as a Moderator you could have passed on the same type of comments which followed as I am sure you have seen others quote the same sites in previous threads. I had no other advice to add to what was already there. It seems I hit a raw nerve by your bullish comments about taking it up with the board. Is that not a bit over the top ? Prador I have the book and agree it is very good. Neil
  22. Steppenwolf Your reply was not very helpful. Could you not have just given some information to Gaz. I notice you are advertising your book. Double standards I think. Neil
  23. Just to point out a detail. If you have a 7 A/H supply and are drawing 1 Amp from it you cannot get 7 hours use from the unit. As a general rule you should aim to take 60% from your power supply which will give just over 4 hours discharge. Neil
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