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  1. Hi Dean I have the 130PM on the EQ2 mount. It's great for general viewing and I've done some lunar/planetary imaging using a webcam. As you will probably be aware, the mount isn't really suitable for proper astrophotography, but that hasn't stopped me having a go with the webcam. some tips from a relative beginner for this 1. good polar alignment really helps 2. look into setting up some sort of remote focusing. the problem I had was that after adjusting the fine focus to get the planet in focus i had to wait for bout 15 seconds for the mount to settle again, hence making it really difficult to get good focus - couple this to the less than ideal tracking on his mount and you can see this got to be a pain! I have used the skywatcher autofocuser which although not designed for the 130 can be adapted with a bit of ingentuity and gaffa tape! This has made a real difference to the focusing when using the webcam and helps reduce one of the variables. You can also klink it to the hitecastro controller to allow you to adjust focus from the pc using sharpcap or the hitecastro software. 3. persevere - you will get an image you can be say you took! Even with the limitations of this mount I have found it really rewarding seeing what i can acheive hope this helps Steve
  2. Hi I bought one of these recenty. It come with a 12v car cigarette type adapter. so you either need an adapter for the mains (or a car nearby;)). I bought this adapter and it works a treat! cheers Steve AC to Car Cigarette Socket Adapter free shipping United Kingdom
  3. Hi, as a combined Christmas/birhtday present I'm getting myself a Canon DSLR (not decided which one yet). I want to begin doing some widefield imaging whilst i save up for a decent scope for imaging DSO's. I've seen this Merlin mulit functional mount on FLO site and it seems lke a nice, relatively cheap, portable way into tracking whilst taking my images. Has anybody on here got any experience of this. Is it any good? Can it really track objects and what can I expect it to realistically acheive? many thanks Steve
  4. Hi I too have the 130PM but on an EQ2 with a single axis motor. Here are some images i took a couple of weeks ago with it. I agree with the comment to play around with the wavelets in Registax as it's amazing to see the detail that can be tweeked from what seems to be a blurry image. Looks like we are all getting similar quality pics. Gives me confidence that i'm heading in the right direction. Steve
  5. it was really clear here in birmingham ealrier - right up until the point where my scope was nice and cold and then in rolled the clouds!¬
  6. finally got a clear night, some time and no work to get out and have a go at imaging jupiter with the webcam. I've tried saturn and the moon previously and had massive wobble problems when trying to focus. I invested in a focus motor and this made a world of difference, focusing is now wobble free!! Tonights problem was that the battery on my RA axis motor started running low on power and so by the end was really struggling to keep the correct speed! (note to self - put spare or rechargable batteries on shopping list ). Anyway first image is taken with no barlow, Second is with a 2x barlow. Pretty happy with these for first attempts, but then see some of the amazing pics on here and realise that I have loads to learn. Any suggestions on how to improve either the imaging or the processing would be warmly received. Also have recently bought a down jacket for various other outdoor pursuits but tonight have learned the value of it for astronomy
  7. This website (Battery Free Electric Focuser) which was the subject of a stargazer thread shows a way to make a cheap focus motor with servos See here for the discussion thread.
  8. I think the most amazing thing about this is seeing the sun in North Wales
  9. i usually just play with the settings until i get a nice image. There are some useful tutorials at this website which help and are aim at astro images. Astro Imaging Tutorials Photoshop Processing Nebulosity DeepSky Stacker Steve
  10. no problems star chaser - I'm pretty new to this too and so it's good to be able to share tips and tricks! I used a 2x barlow and captured about 6 or 7 avis allowing the planet to drift across the field of view before stopping the capture, moving the planet back into the field of view and slightly adjusting the focus. Focusing was a bit of a pig mainly due to my hamfistedness and the fact that I had to wait for the scope to stop wobbling after each touch of the focuser (hence i'm looking in to the battery free homemade focusers dicussed else where on the forum!) in all i took about 6 captures and this one seemed the best focused. I honestly can't remember how many frames were stacked but was proably somewhere bewtween 200 - 400 (but am not 100% sure). I played a little with the wavelet and rgb align functions in registax with out really knowing what i was doing and then a little bit of level and curve adjustment in photoshop. Am now just waiting for another clear night when i don't have to work as I've just discovered the focus score feature of sharpcap that really helped with the focusing issue when i tried it on the moon the following night. cheers Steve
  11. I have just looked back at my first moon mosaic here taken on the 14th and notice that the terminator also seems to jump - i can see 2 clear steps whihc makes sense as this is 3 images stiched together. the videos were taken over a period of about 20 mins. I too wasn't aware that the terminator moved so quickly.
  12. typical - just as I fly off to the sates for a week for work
  13. thanks King - I did do some RGB aligning in Registax so guess a filter wouldn't hurt!
  14. I have been looking at the images again and notice there is a blue haze around the planet - would a UV/IR blocking filter help with this? cheers
  15. looks like a great idea - might give this a go. notice that there are different types of servo available on amazon - whihc ones did you go for? cheers
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